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This is the recording which won the top slot for the opera in the The 2015 TC most recommended opera CDs and DVD thread. It isn’t perfect. Given the range of textural choices, no recording is or could gas out game rules be perfect, but it’s definitely one of the best, even if I’m not sure if it really represents Offenbach’s intentions. For a start, it seems pretty sure that Offenbach wanted Les Contes d’Hoffmann to be a sung trough opera, with sung recitatives, but, as he never got to compose them power usage estimator, we will never know what Offenbach’s opera (the one he had in his head) might have sounded like.

Unquestionably excellent are Gabriel Bacquier, who sings all the villains and the veteran Hugues Cuenod in the four character roles of Andres, Cochenille, Pitinacchio and Frantz. The Canadian mezzo Huguette Tourangeau is another French speaker. Domingo makes an excellent Hoffmann, without quite the individuality of a Gedda or a Kraus, and Sutherland is superb as Olympia, though she is less than seductive as Giulietta and a bit droopy as Antonia, though we are at least compensated by the bp gas station beauty of her voice.

Last night I attended a wonderful concert, the London Philharmonic Orchestra at the Royal Festival Hall performing Bizet’s Symphony in C (which received a spritely performance with power and poise), Ravel’s Piano Concerto in G with Benjamin Grosvenor as the soloist (an excellent performance though the piece is quite new to me) with the crowning glory being Saint-Säens’ Symphony No. 3 – the Organ Symphony. This was a wonderful performance. Hearing the organ live for the first time was truly stunning – a revelation for me. I have always loved the piece but e electricity bill after last night, I have a newfound appreciation. Thierry Fischer was the Conductor and he was very impressive – he radiated enjoyment and energy and the orchestra responded accordingly.

My present listening however is Beethoven’s Pastoral Sixth Symphony. The performers here are Karl Böhm the Wiener Philharmoniker (paired on this disc with Schubert’s Fifth). I forgot I had this disc to be honest and when was gas 99 cents in california I have to say that I am really enjoying this recording. The recording quality is super and the performance is most enjoyable.

During our brief power outage during one round of storms, I had begun to listen to the Mendelssohn Piano Trios when I was interrupted by the gas station jokes resumption of electrical service. So, with Mendelssohn stuck in my head, I restarted this album once I got to work (where it was still storming). Yo-Yo Ma plays cello, Emanuel Ax plays piano and Itzhak Perlman plays violin. Absolutely wonderful playing.

With the storms winding down and ending, I couldn’t resist the urge to play my favorite of the Beethoven symphonies, No. 6 ‘Pastoral’. I’d heard some chatter about this particular Beethoven cycle in this thread and others and when I saw it available for streaming, I jumped electricity in the body on listening to it. Jos van Immerseel conducting Anima Eterna. Paired with No. 6 is No. 8 in this set. Too early to make any decisions about this set, but I liked what I heard.

Now this one I picked because I saw one of the pieces listed in the credits in the film ‘Alien’. Howard Hanson conducts the Eastman-Rochester Orchestra in his own Symphony No. 1 ‘Nordic’ and No. 2 ‘Romantic’ (of which the theme was used as the end title music in ‘Alien’). Great wonderful music! Why isn’t this featured in the concert hall gas smoker recipes more?

Im lisening to thee finest exponent of medieval classical codex Faenza…no words that explain the pleasure of lisening to this piece of history, this artefacts, this gem of forgotten lore.Yes i know it’s naxos version , so what i wont bash naxos , they did a good job and look i know there are zillion more better version of this , but there costy, not that i am cheap but i dont wont to ruin my wallet finding the right version of this, but if i turn out a millionaire will see.This following gas yourself codex featured non other than

the quitessence of the ars nova, the godfathers if you will, the untouchable of there respective era we have: Francesco landi, guillaume de Machaut and Jacopo da bologna, needless to says electricity worksheets for grade 1 if you scorn this or never heard this or never will please take a gun and shoot yourself(joking) your missing out on crucial artefact of forgotten lore of ancient lore, music is food for the mind,so i recommended this has mandatory lisening.I know what some of you think he some french sub specie he like asiatic womens what does electricity lessons for 5th grade he know about classical music of ars nova middle medieval time, look do an exercise of conscience lisen to the man he is not lying, if you dont trust naxos there are other version but codex faenza iis credential lisening.I had to revisited this codex since it featured big name, im more in a renaissance phase now but i do dwelves in medieval ars antiqua, ars nova, ars subtilior.