Custom ordering an rv…crazy – thor forums nyc electricity cost per kwh

We did that 3 years ago. Ordered in March to be picked up at the dealer in Ohio in early June. By doing that, we got the options we wanted, without the few we didn’t want. Vegas/Axis has few options, but we did choose the fabric, cabinet color and outside stripes from 2 or 3 choices each.

We paid roughly the same price as a 2015 would have cost, and about what the show prices had been at Tampa in January. By picking it up in Ohio we saved a ton on the delivery charge to Florida. Plus, the dealer was much more generous with our trade in. The savings from the trade and delivery cost paid for our leveling jacks! The dealer took it to a shop (Stuarts) in

Total Value in Elkhart might have had a better price without trade, we found our better deal with Paul Sherry RV in Piqua, OH. I prefer to do business locally, but the cost difference was too much. And the dealer did a good job of prepping the coach for us.

Things I don’t miss from my previous 33′ Class A: Bigger, more expensive tires to replace, heavier, more trouble prone slide outs, power steps that required maintenance and repairs, higher, more boxy profile on windy roads, no rear ladder (but then my 25.2 lacks that too).

MoMike, We have two large dogs and their sleeping pads take up a good bit of the floor space at night. We looked at a Winnebago 27N that has opposing slides in the living area…what a difference and in only 28" 6" length! For me, I think the outside kitchen would be nice. I am not sure if Thor has a short Hurricane or Ace at that length, the Vegas 27.7 is listed at that length…have not seen one in NC.

Jamie, true I have seen where others say Thor says no on removing the drop down bed, other brands have it as an option (approximately a $1000 option). Since we have used it less than 6 times in the past 3 years it is not a "must have" for us.

I’m trying to get an idea of the cost of ordering one the way you want it versus taking one off the buffet line at the dealership. When you "Build your own" on the websites all you get is the MSRP price…no thanks; even with the "discounted price" at the dealership these toys depreciate enough as soon as the ink dries and you drive them off the lot.

Tried, but couldn’t work a deal with any of the Florida dealers. Found Paul Sherry in Piqua, OH, from an ad they had for a new 2015 25.2. That started the conversation. We had planned to travel that direction anyway, so it would have been silly to pay some monkey, er professional driver, a big chunk of my money to drive my new coach through the break in time. That driver’s goal: get it there asap! Paul S got the business because they made the best deal.

There aren’t many options on the Vegas/Axis order sheet, and you can just forget anything that is not on the list. The dealer took care of the leveling jack install prior to picking it up. I wouldn’t suggest having the selling dealer do your modifications, it is adds to the chance they will screw something up.

When we ordered, the outside TV was optional, but if you didn’t order it you didn’t get that TV door, just a flat wall. I wanted the cabinet, but not the TV, so ordered without a bedroom TV and had the dealer move it before I picked it up. Don’t think you can do that anymore.