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Misys is known for providing the broadest, deepest portfolio of software in the financial services industry. It covers a broad range of banking, capital markets, investment management and risk management solutions. Misys strong team of domain experts in 130 countries, combined with their partner eco-system, have an unparalleled ability to address the industry requirements of over 2000 customers at both a global and local level.

Cumulocity is the M2M ("Machine-to-Machine") spin-off of Nokia Siemens Networks. electricity and circuits physics Its software-as-a-service products bring M2M into all industries. The products have set new industry standards and received industry awards for their innovative concepts. electricity generation capacity Cumulocity stands for fast cloud solutions: Cumulocity – a compound word of ‘Cumulus Cloud’ and ‘Velocity’.

AlgoTrader is an all-in-one trading solution for investment banks, quantitative hedge funds and proprietary trading groups. The server based Algorithmic Trading Platform enables development, simulation and execution of multiple strategies in parallel. c gastritis The System is based on Complex Event Processing (CEP) and Event Stream Processing (ESP) using Esper. The Platform accommodates trading strategies that cannot be programed with procedural programming languages.

Transcends delivers RFID and Sensor based software, easy to deploy appliances and business solutions in the retail, healthcare, aerospace, government, supply chain and asset management industries. Transcends is the lead contributor to Rifidi, the leading open source RFID software platform with over 60,000 downloads across 135 countries. As the lead contributor to Rifidi we provide expert support and consulting services and actively participate Bin establishing industry standards such as LLRP. electricity 1 unit how many watts Our product roadmap goal is to Bridge the Internet of Things with the Internet of People enabling smart applications, smarter sensors and simpler solutions.

Marketcetera provides open source software for automated trading systems. With 10,000 software downloads and more than 20 production deployments, Marketcetera lets brokers and traders build effective automated trading systems, develop proprietary algorithms, create order management solutions and manage risk faster, easier and at much lower cost than with closed platforms.

ActiveVOS is an all-in-one, standards-based business process management suite (BPMS). u gas cedar hill mo With ActiveVOS, a project team can model, deploy and manage process applications that combine system and human tasks using a completely visual, standards-based BPMS. Hundreds of customers across the globe have succeeded with ActiveVOS aRnd benefited from its innovation, ease-of-use and capabilities. You can learn more about ActiveVOS, watch our demonstrations, study more detailed product information and read our white papers. Podcast BPMS and CEP.

Evident Software has pioneered a new breed of service management software for automated, policy based, virtualized applications and service delivery infrastructures. The Evident ClearStone solution provides transparency to the operation of virtualized applications running on compute and data grid and allows application owners, business users, operational staff and IT architects/designers to meet the targeted quality/performance standards.