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CVerification helps employers make informed and safe recruitment decisions and identify the best-qualified candidates before going ahead with the selection process.The platform allows businesses to safeguard their organizations and applicants to improve their application credentials. Basic Information Name

Currently, no centralized or decentralized service offers comprehensive employment background screening which is simultaneously fast, fully automated and cheap. The existing solutions do not guarantee successful background screening that allows companies to hire with confidence. They also do not guarantee the security of sensitive data, which is essential to applicants. Solution

CVerification is a decentralized blockchain-based background check services platform. The platform makes possible the exchange of references, certificates, and records in a way which guarantees the genuineness of the documents. Both companies and applicants profit from the improved hiring process that CVerification offers. Opportunity

CVerification will disrupt the background check services industry, which achieves combined annual revenues of $2bn. All early adopters including organizations, individuals, and investors can profit immensely from CVerification’s success. CVerification Ecosystem

CVerification improves the recruitment process by enhancing the staffing process and enabling the fast and secure exchange of employment references between applicants and employers with the power of blockchain. Through the following features, CVerification offers tremendous benefits for organizations and applicants. Additional Features

Additional features are available for applicants, employers and educational institutions. Furthermore, recruiters and service providers will be able to benefit from them. The additional features will be gradually implemented in the CVerification platform. Technology Architecture Top Layer

The first layer is represented by our web and mobile apps, which will give users an easy and intuitive way to request, download, upload and verify references. The design will mask away the interactions with the blockchain so that everyone can enjoy the benefits without having to deal with transactions, costs, gas prices, encryption and digital signatures. Primarily, this layer seeks to eliminate the complexity of typically interacting with the blockchain. Middle Layer

The middle layer makes a platform out of CVerification. This is what differentiates us from the rest and creates a dynamic ecosystem around our core functionality. Our vision is that, as time passes and our user base grows, so will our platform. CVerification will provide a powerful open API which will enable third-party developers to rapidly develop new intelligent services and utilize the hidden potential of the user’s data. The best part about it is that users have complete ownership and control over what and with whom they share. Both the third-party developers and the sharing users will receive a portion of the generated revenue as a reward for their participation on the platform. Base Layer

The two complementary components of our base layer work together closely to enable the secure functioning of the system and safeguarding of the users’ data. CVerification is built on top of the Ethereum blockchain – the second biggest chain and the first to allow for the development of complex distributed applications (DAPPs) via Smart Contracts. By utilizing Smart Contracts, can create an extensible system which can communicate with other DAPPS and the vast network of Ethereum nodes. Also Read – Neons Ico Review: An ending in “.neo” decentralized Benefits of CVerification Employers