Dafina toncheva from bulgarian peanut entrepreneur to harvard to top venture investor gas 4 weeks pregnant


In Dafina’s words: “I was fifteen years old and I was so frustrated that our life was just not getting better as a family, that I told my mom, ‘Why electricity and magnetism worksheets 8th grade don’t you start a business?’ She said, ‘What are you talking about? I’m a doctor. That’s the only thing I can do is to be a doctor.’ Healthcare in Bulgaria hp gas kushaiguda… was a socialist health care system. So I thought, ‘Well I’ll start a business then.’

In Bulgaria peanuts are an appetizer, they’re eaten with alcohol, and Bulgarians consume a lot of alcohol. So I thought, ‘Restaurants make money on the alcohol but they electricity word search ks2 don’t make money on the peanuts and it actually takes up a lot of time for the chef’s to roast peanuts. So I’m just going to start doing that.’ My parents were like, ‘No way, this so embarrassing. That the daughter of two doctors is going to that.’

I bought, with my savings electricity and magnetism quiz questions, my first ten kilograms of peanuts. I went home, I roasted them, I packaged them and I left them in a big Costco-like store that one of my friend’s dad owned. In two days they called me and they said, ‘Bring more if you have electricity deregulation choices and challenges them.’ They did me a favor, they never kept any of the profits. They wb state electricity board recruitment were doing a favor for a friend of their sons.

It wasn’t very easy, because I didn’t know how to apply, did not know many people at that time who had applied to schools in the US. I didn’t know how to do it, so it was a long electricity orlando process, but essentially I went to the U.S. embassy. I asked him how I can apply they said, ‘Well, look at this Barron’s book that we have with an index of all the schools in the US.’ So I went through that book and la gas leak one-by-one picked every single University that gave any form of financial aid to international students.

Well, I didn’t know how or where or what the SAT was, so I went back to the US embassy. They gave me another old book, a Barron’s book that was as old as I was at that time, this twenty gas density conversion year old book with seven practice tests. I snuck out the book, photocopied it in one afternoon, put it back in the library electricity in costa rica voltage of the consulate and went back home and I started studying English.

Just to give you an example of how hard I worked, I wanted it so bad, so bad, to come here. I applied to fifty schools, I asked every single one of them to waive the application fee because I couldn’t afford it. Every school except for two, Stanford static electricity bill nye and UPenn, they did not want to honor the request for waiving the application fee. So I applied and I was gas jokes very lucky, I got into twelve schools on full scholarship. I ended up going to Harvard because that was the one I had heard the most about it.

It was incredible. My parents had never been outside bp gas card login of Bulgaria and my grandparents had never been outside of Bulgaria. When I told my parents I wanted to go to the US, it was exactly the same as if I had told them, ‘I’m gonna be building a rocket ship in the backyard and go to the moon.’ It was exactly as likely in their heads that this was electricity dance moms song going to happen. It felt so foreign, so far away, it felt like a different planet because of how small and and closed the society in Bulgaria was. So, in 1998, I came to Boston and started my studies at Harvard.”