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Week 3: I call this the "fuck yea motherfucker phase". Starting at week 3, I just got this fucking awesome suuuuper positive suuuuper productive mentality, it was awesome. I felt like a million bucks, it was fucking awesome, almost euphoric. I’m waking up every day 2-3AM wide the fuck awake, but after laying there for a while I can fall back to sleep, and Im not tired during the day.

Week 4: "Fuck yea motherfucker" phase continues! Feeling great, im down about 15lbs so far (mostly water weight, about 5lbs of fat maybe). This week I started to notice bowel irregularity, I normally shit twice a day like clockwork, I noticed at a point during week 4 j hadn’t shit in like 3 days, stomach feels bloated, sit down and try to force myself to shit, can’t do it.

Week 5: this was when shit started to suck. Still waking up every morning, early as fuck. Yet now, I’m starting to feel tired on the day to day, I’m getting home from work and crashing on the couch 3 hours before I normally go to bed. The awesome euphoric mentality completely faded. Lack of shitting continues, I’m shitting maybe once every 2-3 days, and it’s not pleasant. I’ve developed gas that could kill a small fucking child at close range, and I can’t stop farting all fucking day. I mean I could fart while im fucking farting, and if I don’t let it out, it immediately turns into this horrible gas pains.

Week 6: I’m just not enjoying Tren anymore. It’s got me pretty sleep deprived, I’ve lost a ton of weight, but God damn I just don’t think this is for me. I don’t feel "on" mentallt, I just don’t feel "good " in general. Lack of shitting continues. And here I dropped the Tren.