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For more than 200 years, the federal government relied on door-to-door visits to each residence in the United States to conduct the census every 10 years. electricity nyc Beginning in 1960, the U.S. wd gaster theme Census Bureau came to rely primarily on mailing surveys to households, though government employees still knock on doors of those who are unable or unwilling to return their forms.

The team found it would be possible to collect the data much faster and more accurately than the current systems of mailed paper surveys and face-to-face interaction allow. save electricity pictures Additionally, they found that existing data could provide more comprehensive financial information—including where people are living in poverty—than the traditional census measurements.

The team noted two hurdles to implementing a census via data sharing: privacy issues and convincing the agencies involved to share their information. electricity invented what year Their research determined the issue of privacy could be addressed by stripping out all personally identifiable information (PII) such as names, social security numbers, email address and other identifiers not required for census analysis.

“Stripping out the PII is critical since cyber criminals are savvy enough to bypass even the most sophisticated data security measures,” Jennex said. “Creating a data system that accepts only non-identifying data required by the census—number of people in a household, household income, etc.—will protect privacy since it isn’t in the system anyway.”

While the researchers believe a secured, open-source system to collect census data would be more efficient, they acknowledge that barriers to implementation may be too great to overcome for the time being. gas unlimited houston texas This means the 2020 census will be administered just as it was in 1950, when Dwight Eisenhower was president. electricity jeopardy powerpoint SDG&E wants out of the electricity-buying business

San Diego Gas & Electric is exploring ways to leave the electricity-buying business. static electricity in the body effects As the city of San Diego makes moves to start its own power agency, possibly along with other cities in the region, SDG&E “has asked lawmakers to introduce legislation that would let SDG&E reduce its role – while also pushing the state to enter the energy market in a big way,” Ry Rivard of Voice of San Diego reports.

Led by agency President and Founder Julie Wright, “PR in the Digital Age” is an introduction to integrated communications that shows how various media come together to drive results and enable measurement. Attendees will learn how to measure and improve the return on their organization’s PR investment and to amplify the impact of their current PR efforts. The workshops are designed for small groups and intended to be interactive with actionable outcomes attendees can begin implementing right away.

“Our commitment to helping pet parents take complete care of the pets they love is the core of everything we do at Petco,” said Brock Weatherup, chief innovation and digital experience officer for Petco. “By leveraging the industry-leading technology and fulfillment processes Express Scripts already has in place, we’re able to offer pet parents an easier, more affordable, faster and more convenient way to get the medicines their pets need.” BLT Enterprises acquires Vista manufacturing facility for $31.15 million

BLT Enterprises has acquired a 221,660 square-foot industrial manufacturing and warehousing facility in Vista for $31.15 million. The building is currently occupied by DENSO Wireless Systems America Inc., a supplier of advanced automotive technology, systems and components, and also the seller in this transaction. DENSO built the building in 1997.