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Hello again! And all the best to you for 2016. Markets moving closer to validation: the completion of a major top in equities, and the resurgence of gold. It has been a long and difficult 2 year major topping process in the stock market, but a topping process it indeed appears to have been. Here are the […] Break

Dear all, it’s time for a break from the blog. I understand that even as a free blog there is a kind of duty to the visitors so I apologise for any disappointment. I am very appreciative of the regular readers and contributors. I need a break from punching out my postings and administrating the site and will […] Sunday Charts

Self-explanatory I believe, so no comments. Clear interest in physical gold and silver which suggests the turn should be near. For stocks it comes down to the short term waves within the overall picture of a major top. I can’t rule out a Xmas rally and no fresh falls until Jan, which would mean the […] Approaching Resolution

The Wilshire has been repelled at the 200MA and the 200MA is turned downwards, as it was in post 2000 and post 2007 bear markets: Source: Stockcharts The only exception in the last 20 years was 2011. The 200MA turned downwards, the market was repelled but shortly afterwards bounced again and burst back through. The […] Just The Facts

US earnings: blended earnings growth stands at -2.2%, compared to an expected -5.2% before reporting began. So that’s quite a beat, and may account for some market fuel, but still negative. Blended revenue stands at -3.7%. With meagre sales revenues, companies have turned to buybacks and M&A. Take out the effects of oil and the […]

Just Dial Positional Traders can use the below mentioned levels Close above 512 Target 538/555/574 Intraday Traders can use the below mentioned levels Buy above 512 Tgt 517,522 and 527 SL 507 Sell below 505 Tgt 500,492 and 485 SL 510 KSCL Positional Traders can use the below mentioned levels Close above 512… Read More » Bank Nifty Weekly Forecast for May Expiry

Last Week we gave Chopad level of 26450 Bank Nifty gave short entry failed to do target of 25650 as low made was 25685, Long next day did the 1 target on upside. Finally the big move came as we did price time squaring as discussed in weekly post and did all 3 target on… Read More » Sinner Confirms Weekly Breakout, heading towards 17

Sinner Energy Sinner has been performing well with rise in volume and price as we have discussed in our last 3 post. Good News is FII has continued their Buying for 2 day buying another 2 lakh stock which can be seen on BSE BULK DEAL which indicates smart money is entering the stock and… Read More » NIfty Weekly Forecast for May Expiry

Last Week we gave Chopad level of 10555 Nifty gave Short entry on 21 May and did 2 target on downside, Long taken on 25 May and gave 1 Target on upside so an excellent week for chopad followers. Lets see how we trade nifty in coming week,as we Approach the May Expiry. Nifty… Read More » Generic Declared Spectacular Results,Gets Buy Rating from Analyst

Generic Construction we have been covering this stock technically in past many post, Last Friday it did the target of 327 as per our last post. Generic declared its results on 19 April, below are the highlights of the results. Excellent news for all share-holders of Generic Engineering and Construction • Results -Revenue : 138.9cr… Read More »