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I was very lucky- I bribed Gary to take my car to get gas. All I have to do is take out the garbage in his bathroom. gas bloating He put this ring around the top of the can to keep the bag from sliding in and it is a PITA to take it off, grab the liner, put in the new bag, replace the ring around the top. So I stopped doing it. Horrible wife. So he was teasing me that he would get gas for me if I took out this trash. It was a deal!

Caitlyn got good news from the rat rescue. They received all of her references and her application was approved. Shocker, right? *g* Next step is the interview with the Adoption Counselor and as soon as she talks to them, they will see how much she will spoil and care for this litter. Once that is set, they will find a date for her to go and get them. gas news of manipur She is happy! It will be nice to have little babies to play with. Clover and Muffin were great to snuggle with over the last few months but baby/young rats are so naturally active and playful, which make them a lot of fun. They are so darn smart and social and I can’t wait!

We are off to my parents this afternoon. Gary isn’t coming with us but I will bring home leftovers for him. For some reason, this past year has been harder on me doing things without him. It has been over 10 years since he has been able to participate regularly with family things so I am used to it, but this year just seems sadder to me. Maybe because of the number of milestones- his parents 50th anniversary, my dad’s 80th birthday?

Morning ladies… It is another wet and foggy day out there. Our hike was really good and the rain held off for the most part. It started to really pour about the last half hour of our hike. We were in very dense forest so the trees kept us from getting too wet anyway. The hike was to a place called Fern Grotto and OMG you should have seen the thousands of ferns that were shoulder height and taller. So beautiful!! I did not get home until later in the afternoon and jumped right into the Jacuzzi tub. n gas price Awww it felt so nice and helped me get the stiffness out of my old bones . Today I meet up with my sister Pam and get some eggs from her and have a bit of a visit. Tomorrow I will meet SIL for lunch at a cute little place called the "Garage" downtown. It is actually the same building that I get my hair done. SIL has never ate there before so a new experience for her. wireless electricity how it works We hopefully will talk a bit about Christmas Plans as she is hosting Christmas this year. We need to decide what if anything we are doing for gifts and if we are bringing anything to help out with meal prep.

Chris – Yes I would leave the corn syrup out of your recipe if your sweet potatoes are packed in syrup, just make sure there is the 1/2 cup of syrup in there. Hope it turns out yummy!! Happy for Caitlyn and you that she is most likely getting the rats! You will all have fun cuddling them! I did not get soaked on my hike, I have a great waterproof rain jacket that covers my butt and keeps me nice and dry along with waterproof pants. They were covered in mud by the time we were finished so into the they went. I had to wear my gloves for the start of the hike to keep my fingers warm, but once my body got all warmed up I was able to take them off for the rest of the hike. Hope that Scott did not get too cold doing his research, he would have loved the area that we were in yesterday! The moss on the trees had to have been 2-3 ft thick!! So pretty!!

Kay – Oh my how sad that you also lost your nephew, you and your sister are so strong and I know that it is so important to have each other to lean on whenever you can! I bet you had a wonderful time staying up until the wee hours of the morning, hope that you can get some rest and catch up on lost sleep! Your Turkey dinner sounds amazing and yes of course you should at least have a Turkey sandwich after all that prep work!! Yummy!! Turkey dinner is my most fav meal ever although these past few years I have had to forego the stuffing and mashed potatoes, my stomach just can’t do that anymore

I headed out to the store to get the instant pot on sale (and so did tons of other people, we were all smiling at each other as we’d pass by with our carts with IP in them, some people had 3-4 loaded in their carts). So I’m excited to give that to J at Xmas. Got a few ideas too for other gifts. She loves designer stuff so I’m going to look into designer purses and see if there is anything local I can get for her. I know the Coach store in Washington has sales but I’m not driving out there. I got a paleo book that I love and I’m going to ask Santa for the other book in the series (nom nom paleo). Got a few Xmas containers at the dollar store on the way back that I am going to fill with paleo cookies for my older daughter (Krystal, the one who is diabetic and has celiac disease). a gas is compressed at a constant pressure of She will be surprised as I haven’t baked for her in a long time, she won’t be expecting it). I’m going to give those grandkids GC’s as they are adults now and are picky about what they like, makes it easy for me. The most fun will be shopping for B and our youngest GD Ella. J called last night and had a great idea, our photos turned into puzzles for B. So I picked out two photos, one of their cat Noel and one of Taz in his Xmas hat so we can each give her a puzzle.

Chris – Taz hogs the bed too, also the chair, couch, etc. origin electricity account For a little dog he can sure take up a lot of space . Last night I was sitting in my chair with my ipad and he stretched out the whole length of the recliner and resting one paw right over the ipad lol. I’m not surprised C got approved. So happy for her. I know what you mean about it being hard to do things without G. I often miss and feel sad that D isn’t able to come hiking with me and participate in my outdoor adventures. His Crohn’s makes it hard for him to walk much if there isn’t a facility close by.