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In dreams we can see an elephant and when we wake up know it is not real so in life we can see a partner or friend as frustrating and be angry at them but then the next day be fine and calm around them showing us that those impressions we have of people through the impurified mind or consciousness are unreliable. When you are aware of that in the present, in that moment, you are awake. Awareness is luminous. 9gag instagram videos Past and future have no existence.

Afflictive emotions like anger can be used to see into the nature of emptiness and luminosity. When you are angry you believe your reasons for being angry are real. If you see directly into the nature of things and see that these feelings change so realize the nature of change and see that these feelings dissipate so are empty of any real existence so realize the nature of emptiness then you can use these to liberate.

4. Special insight. You begin to see things as they are in extraordinary ways. You see into the formless realms and Higher Realms that all saints and mystics and Buddhas and Christs and Mohammeds and Krishnas and Avalokiteshvara Guan Yins have spoken of. The Dalai Lama said from his conversations with all Masters they all agree on these basic points and He is on the lookout to meet many more beings who have developed single pointed focus and insight into the nature of things!

If your mind is dull or lax or cloudy like daydreaming and you have lost alertness then you need to practice uplifting the mind like visualizing the Buddha or Christ in illuminated bodies. Tantric Yoga is particularly useful wheee you meditate visualizing yourself as a deity and doing it within emptiness. Some yogis can project their bodies out into other bodies.

The Avalokiteshvara Initiation is a Secret Mantrayana Ritual. Fundamentally you visualize yourself as the deity Avalokiteshvara Guan Yin although the experience is far more profound than my words can say. Perhaps because of my karmic predisposition, although I have a very fresh beginners mind, I was able to devour the energies like a starving man and as such went through some quite startling, even shocking transformations, as if a lightning bolt had struck me. Those blessings in particular I dedicate to all beings.

“From my Heart I go for refuge to the three jewels, Buddha, Dharma, Sangha, Christ Krishna, Divine Mother. frictional electricity examples I will free all beings from pain and set all in final bliss. To do that I will generate an altruistic intention to attain perfect enlightenment, and thereupon will train in the learnings of Bodhisattvas, Archangels and Elders/Masters.”

Whatever Vow you take, a formal one or one that you create yourself, the Dalai Lama recommends saying this with a deep pure intention at least 6 times a day. I say it in the following way. As you open your eyes upon rising, in your morning meditation, in your midday meditation, at some point in your afternoon, in your evening meditation, and as you close your eyes to go to sleep.

The Avalokiteshvara Initiation is comprised of Secret Mantra and Secret Kriya. It comes from Tibet and the tradition of the 17 Nalanda Masters. It involves activating energies in the channels, winds and bliss drops in the physical body and light body. The Buddha tailored these techniques for specific disciples and arose in different bodies, sometimes a celibate monk and sometimes a deity to teach these.

Each of the Dalai Lamas was famous for particular visions. The 1st had visions of white and green Tara. The 2nd had visions from childhood and composed music and chants about them. The current Dalai Lama has dreams not visions. He joked about this by saying he was the only Dalai Lama who has not had visions of deities but he takes consolation from the fact that he is the most famous Dalai Lama.

I was aware of an enormous pillar of light we all are connected to that ran the length of my spine above and below and connected space and spacelessness. It was immovable and yet highly volatile like being connected to a God-cable through heaven and earth. gas hydrates energy My body shook as if unable to contain the voltage. This was a somewhat shocking part of the initiation and I felt as if I might pass out.

From the outset the Dalai Lama made it very clear he was here to discuss and investigate the mind and consciousness, because, he explained, science seems to have very few answers about what consciousness is and how it operates. He said he was like an alchemist, who checks to see it the gold is pure and that anything we believe we should investigate it thoroughly until it becomes clear and only then accept it.

Some years later when I met the Dalai Lama again he guided me to follow the path of Avalokiteshvara Guan Yin with the love and affection of a mother for her child. Then, while doing the Kalachakra Tantra (a Ritual I followed for over a year devotedly) he appeared to me in a profound vision (he appeared to me with my eyes open after I had breakfast one morning) and guided me into the techniques of subtler consciousness of the Kalachakra.

When I came to do the actual initiation, which I did with deep devotion over a 12 day period, online, as the Dalai Lama specifically stated that Tibetans who lived abroad would be able to receive the initiation if they applied themselves with deep faith and devotion (and I considered myself a Tibetan because of my past life experience over a year as a 2 year old until when I was 3) I experienced two profound moments.

The Dalai Lama does not spread Buddhism in the West anymore because the West has a Judeo-Christian tradition. y gasset He spoke to a Christian monk who was a well-known speaker who asked him how to develop emptiness. “Don’t ask,” joked the Dalai Lama. “It is none of your business.” He told the monk that if he put doubt into people’s minds he would feel uncomfortable. Whereas he feels comfortable teaching in Japan as it is a Buddhist country.

He praised Indian psychology, the Vedas and the yoga systems saying how highly developed they were and that the Buddha himself used them. He said they were like the university and modern psychology was like being in kindergarten. He repeated often that with all our modern psychology, education and technology we are failing our children and our people.

He gave another example of a Tibetan monk in New Zealand whose body remained very fresh after death. On the 4th night three fingers of his left hand moved to hold his right hand showing these subtle levels of consciousness and the 4 levels of emptiness. That around the 2nd level of emptiness at death the body consciousness dissolved into emptiness but the bright kind or subtle consciousness continues.

“Your Holiness, from the age of two to three I had a recurring dream as a Tibetan monk, every night, in which I died and experienced the cosmic sound of OM and the clear light. From my own observations of space time it would seem that space and time emerged from nothing at the moment of the Big Bang, from an emptiness as it were. In our universe the constant is light and light is the only exception from the fact that it can propagate in a vacuum or emptiness. Einstein intuited the theory of relativity from observing light. Christ and the Buddha tell us be the Light of the world and be a Light unto ourselves. What can be learned about the origins of consciousness by observing clear light in meditation and studying its connection to physical light like an Einstein-Buddha?”

The Dalai Lama answered me by first addressing my dream experience. gas 4 less manhattan ks He said that I should follow the practices of dream yoga (as outlined in the six yogas of Naropa) and practice realizing the clear light within the dream. He explained that the subtle consciousness is awake generally only through dreaming and deep meditation and so dreaming affords a remarkable opportunity to know the self by realizing you are dreaming within the dream. Then you are able to practice witnessing consciousness at play within the dream and awaken within the dream with clarity at the same time. (In beautiful synchronicity this is actually one of the practices I outlined in the first chapter of Portals of Presence at the end of my book Diary of a Yogi: A Book of Awakening.)

He then went on to talk about the clear Light. He said the Experience of the Light the Masters speak about is a direct experience of the Source. No beginning no end. The Dalai Lama joked and said he had tried to realize clear light consciousness but failed. That it was a very difficult subtle experience of consciousness and not his experience so far.