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The fifth season starts off in a rocky way because Chloe and Christi have disappeared from the team and have cut off all contacts between the girls and mothers. The solos are given to Nia, Kendall, and originally Chloe but instead it was given to Kalani after a phone call Abby makes. Kalani and Kira return to the team to replace Chloe and Christi. Abby announces that ALDC L.A. is happening and the team will be going to LA in a few weeks.

Abby starts off the week with being shaken off by the visit of a court officer because of Paige’s (former ALDC elite team member) lawsuit against Abby. This week, the team is going to Detroit, Michigan, where they’ll encounter Ava and Jeannette. Maddie and Kalani are finally going up against each other as well as against Ava. The girls are taking new headshots in order to prepare for LA. Things get very heated and, it seems like Abby’s team and reputation are quickly falling apart.

Maddie’s got a job in LA and she won’t be attending this week’s competition. Abby invites Jessalyn and her daughter, Jojo, from Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition (season 2) to replace Maddie. The negative vibe around the studio is not helping the moms being very welcoming. Abby and Holly are still mad at each other since last week’s fight. Tensions are already growing with the new mom. Jojo is given a lyrical solo intended to be Maddie’s. Jojo is not able to perform it correctly so Abby changes it to a jazz routine. She’s already entered the lyrical solo and decides to give it to Sarah, which brings back Christy.

Jojo and Jessalyn’s confidence is getting annoying to the moms and to Abby. At that competition, the teen category ranges kids from 12 to 14 years old. So Maddie and Kendall, and the group, are dancing for the teen division, which puts greater pressure on the girls. And Jojo is expected to win since she remains in the junior division.

It’s the first week in LA and the ALDC is about to go up against MDP. Abby doesn’t consider Jojo as a team member, but still asks her to joins the team in LA. Abby is acting strange and she unexpectedly leaves Gianna in charge. Holly is appalled by Abby’s behavior and wants to take charge over Nia’s career, since Abby is not committed to do so.

At pyramid, Holly explodes of rage against Abby for not behaving properly and for not caring a bit about the girls and the competition. Holly and Nia then skip two days of rehearsal to go to the recording studio. When they return, Nia is pulled out of the group routine.

Abby advises the moms to take their daughters out of the video shoot and only Melissa and Jill listen, causing a rift with the moms and Abby. Drama between Tracey and Kira backstage at the competition causes Abby to threaten Kalani and Sarah’s spots on the team. JoJo and Mackenzie’s music stops while they are onstage. After none of the numbers win first overall, Abby pulls Sarah from the team.

The girls are back in Pittsburgh, but the moms are still tense after their LA experience. Abby creates a group dance reflecting the mom’s behavior. Nia, Kendall, and Kalani are assigned solos. The group falls into the teen category at this competition, so Abby pulls Kalani, and the group finally wins first overall again. After awards, the moms are angry that Kalani went up to accept the award with the group after Abby told her to.

This week is the last week before National and Abby will have to decide who will get a solo. The girls are attending Dance Kids USA and they will be going against MDP. Nia and Kalani are each performing a solo against each other. Nia is shooting a music video, so Abby pulls her out of the group dance.