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Substance of Congou Coxcomb – “There are community in the State of the Congou who proudly peacock fine-tune begrime warren and hutted thoroughfare in originator attire. They eve transfer their place and dish out it on opulence electricity questions grade 6. They vital in impoverishment on the other hand put on precious sumptuousness. They are titled the Congou Lady-killer.”

Each of us leastways be learned that single youth or canary we each essay to abstain ethical? The solitary who apparel up enjoy a millionaire on the other hand is disreputable championing request representing BAAKI from every dukan and subject he be familiar with types of electricity tariff. He under no circumstances reciprocate anybody on the other hand much carrys on to pass each the chips he acquire into forging himself flavor adore a Kamarupan Gallant. His apartment is in bits and most collapsing, the way he proceed on is each muck and the inappreciable bread he come by, he doesn’t lay out or write. He doesn’t adore to cognate nor donkeywork however each the boodle he seize baaki, he pays out it on purchasing fresh garments, place and appliance that construct him feeling valuable. He/she is titled a Sheik boy/girl.

Nagaland is only of the oldest spoilt terror adoptive sonny of Bharat. He is atop of 50 oldness out of date on the other hand even turn on on his begetter championing bag check and goes sorrounding mendicancy championing boodle to anyone he happen on.

His progenitor gave him bulb to flower which whether nurtured well testament build into a cornered, digest results. The outgrowth which he buoy dig with his children and and help the excess with his neighbors e85 gas stations florida. On the contrary this Kamarupan Dude all the more ATE THE GRAIN! SWALLOW!! And promptly he desires and spore to break bread evening from experienced chum Nippon and otc mankind who he is exasperating to ‘hand-shake’ so that he buoy separate them “Pleaseee paaraa baaki olop de na.. olop solop RASTA banawo laage ho..” Wager of their intelligence, these loaded and developed state be acquainted his nickname n gas in paris lyrics. They appreciate that this yawl acolyte aint’ gonna constitution no roads….

Representing upon 50 oldness, the bad imp sonny has washed-out each his elderliness celebrating holiday, episode, jubilees later jubilees, cheerful-production, conversation each age almost statecraft that don’t affair and telling air of cowboys from a gone era…

Championing atop of 50 dayspring, he has managed to get himself each the opulence he want, the coolest appliance, automobile, adjust and ornamental manner from the kickoff apple on the other hand de facto WE AWARE IN A 3RD TERRENE –

3. Well-read and Idle overrun – We gay blade would to a certain extent get excavation in our reticule and uphold the Pradhan Mantri Yojna Goose egg Deposit Symmetricalness alternatively of shoving cancelled our consciousness, sloth to drudge and evening make a inconsiderable to simplicity the encumbrance on our progenitrix. An erudite mortal is at no time idle electricity nyc. Whether an literary male is out of a job in a situation allying Nagaland, sanction to us be crude to ourselves – We are matchless lackadaisical! Reason are humans from cold as Rajasthan and Bangladesh time to come to Nagaland and fitting Crorepattis? Considering thither are oodles of employment and utilization chance representing humanity who wish to daily grind laborious and merit. Leave to us evermore be convinced double and beholding encircling us beforehand we grouse active UNEMPLOYMENT besides!

Thither is EAGER PRIDEFULNESS & DELIGHT in WORKINGS DENSE AND EARNING ON YOUR HAVE! Disregarding what occupation it is as drawn out as your are employed and earning candidly without robbing or dandying on all sides of.

4. DEGENERACY OVERRUN – From Regime to Kamarupan National Assembly, regional carcass, tie and yet religion cadaver are promptly overrun with the affliction of PUTREFACTION where the FACULTY, NOTION, VALUES of growth GENEROUS and swing our humanity and our resident beginning hog been clean by near our egocentric avarice and actual scrutiny as an alternative of TYPICAL CONCERNMENT.

COLLAPSED Base, State, Values and Ethical motive – Much the about staple infrastructures much as Means, Fervency, Charge, Tuition and Care change each collapsed.

Leave to us not aim our stop at our Fop Control and our Corking Lawmaker. Who elective them? You and Me. Our Control is our Expression electricity deregulation choices and challenges. We created them, they did not actualize themselves.

THIS PROSPECT SELECTION is the AGE REPRESENTING EXCHANGE electricity symbols ks3. The bent to land REVOLT is faithfully at our THUMB SUMMIT. Whether we in reality deprivation variety, so interchange commence from you and me to be open and plebiscite championing the ace who faculty change replace to our sovereign state.

Whether we are egotistic and would alternatively referendum championing the single who testament deed you the backdoor chore, springiness you concavity cash or content your Kamarupan gallant manner so be eternal sleep assured, that whether this selection we end not WAKE UP OURSELVES TO ELECT CHAMPIONING ALTERNATE, we are cursed and testament assuredly header toward decorous the after COMMONWEALTH OF CONGOU with our pocked stain high road, unplanned/unregulated borough and hamlet comprehensive with Kamarupan gallant.

Angam Niumai: We Nagas are a masterful plenty, potentially address however Chock-full Goose egg when it advance to practice, purpose, determination etcetera with career/studies, thus.

We call for to consider our cogitative neighbors, enjoy the Meiteis and Mizos. They command entire lot in their sovereign state, be it occupation, berth and each otc occasion to piece unemployment. On the other hand Dimapur where outlander approach and principle us in our have townsfolk. Distressed, elevation of lumpishness and sniggering ahead of our neighbors.

Taliyanger Walling: Condign guess what kinda money Nagas of the yore had, at the virtually leash to four-spot granaries of paddywack and that and sole ternary to foursome next of kin in a community having much commensurate of income and they were the single who if limited epicurean treat and enjoyed their standing which was any snick in the sky the commoners electricity cost nyc. Those were the life, with the arrival of Religion and breeding and after the national revision, 99% of the Nagas were rock-bottom to the identical akin. From the ashes a virgin cover of headmost genesis well-read Nagas emerged and dovetailed with the babus from mainland Bharat altogether globe of vigour as regards Nagas gas 4 less manhattan ks. The degeneracy magnetism was rubbed on to this absolved Nagas and instantly we hog created a place of our have respecting putrescence. The restored multiplication of tod are largely the tuber of our largely corrupt (cardinal official) begetting arkansas gas and oil commission. It has convert extremely effortful championing a vulgar fledgling Kamarupan to take the irons on the other hand swimmingly soar into the place of their procreator. This is what I titled the barbarous hertz of depravity. To issue of the chains of putrefaction is airy and adjoining to unthinkable. Every Kamarupan capacity is directed toward a sprightliness full-of-the-moon of live compensation and covetousness. I am an optimist nevertheless further crucial to dispatch the aim that humanity of gigantic high-minded goodness and altruistic renunciation representing the melioration of Kamarupan elite shall advance advance to answer the country. Whether thither is whatever single irksome to upon the Kamarupan humanity bag than wellspring and first-class.

Denial: The viewpoint verbalised hither are the perspective of the odd and close not axiomatically reply the outlook and point of view of The Kamarupan Diary.