Dante is not ftl gas bloating pregnancy


I’ve legitimately seen multiple people argue this on /r/whowouldwin. Saying Dante is FTL is not nearly as bad as saying he is something else that he is definitely not, but it is still a giant misconception and/or a massively wanked way to interpret Dante’s feats

This is Dante’s allegedly FTL feat. It is supposed to be FTL because him and Mundus moved past some stars at very high speeds, or at least that’s what some people have said There are a lot of things wrong with calling Dante and Mundus did FTL

The first problem comes from the fact that the distance between them and the stars was completely and absolutely unknown and looked to be massive. If Dante is to be accepted as FTL so is every comet – when did three digit mach speeds become 6 digit machs? Never. All the planes that fly in the night sky, the man in this picture and Peter Pan characters are now magically mach 874030. Going FTL would require Dante and Mundus to have been going stupidly faster in relation to the stars in the background, like in this video they weren’t moving anywhere near those speeds

It can also be found out that the camera was moving upwards at the speed both of the characters were jumping and flying respectively making them look faster than they actually were and appear to travel a longer distance. As demonstrated by Dante moving upwards at speeds which could easily be tracked this is not cinematic timing either as he wasn’t going faster to begin with Devil May Cry and speed

Devil May Cry has numerous bullet level and FTE speed feats and other things on this level. A lot of these were done by both Dante and his brother Vergil as early as before DMC 3 the chronologically first game in the franchise, Nero also has a similar showing in his game as well. Bullet dodging is very consistent

DMC 3, Dante catches up to his sword which was going fast enough to ignite the air around it. Due to Temen – Ni – Gru being far too small for Dante to have been running to catch something like that what he did should not be possible. Despite that DMC has already said no to physics so we can say yes to this speed feat

Dante’s other showings put him at around hypersonic speeds somewhere in the mach 10 – 30 range in his human form and he is as fast as lightning which would be mach 286.731195 but that is only when using various Devil Trigger and quicksilver as a speed enhancement that he could not keep up forever

Dante not only went far slower than when dodging but was out right tagged by Mundus’s by Mundus’s projectiles which were slower than the lightning in the background of the fight and the meteors that he summoned. Said lightning is natural it comes from clouds too. Lightning is mach 286.731195, meteors are mach 32 and light is mach 874030 so only going by this fight Dante would be vastly slower than 0.0003280562844746 times the speed of light or 0.03280562844746 % light speed or 1527/4656612 as a fraction of the speed at which light travels, below that if he is scaled off of the meteors

Any notion of the lightning and meteors they were flying by being FTL just because they were faster than Dante has nothing to stand on. It is completely unknown whether Mundus created that dimension they fought in, going by the canon and most of the evidence in it suggests he didn’t. Nothing suggests at all suggests Dante is FTL and scaling the speed of what was in the background above Dante and Mundus would be obvious wanking. This fight had many blatantly clear anti feats and MFTL lightning is only consistent with universal + falling rocks with both of these notions being ridiculous ideas on every level. The claim comes from Dante and Mundus traveling fast relative to their surrounds which did not happen

Even VS battle wiki themselves outright rejected FTL Dante and it is common knowledge they ~~ just wank~~ high ball almost anything to some of the most jerked interpretations possible. From this it can be extrapolated that anybody who would believe in FTL Dante is a massive wanker

As has been mentioned before Dante’s "powers were weak" while outside of where he was fighting Mundus so he was more powerful in that dimension making nothing hid did there something which he could replicate in the human world. Even if he had a FTL feat in the boss fight he couldn’t replicate it under normal conditions

It is true that Dante does have far too many speed feats as mentioned above for him to be downgraded to less than hypersonic but the anti feat exists and invalidates anything near relativity. 2 – 3 digits hypersonic would still be valid There are actually a few more claims for this level of speed

Same situation again. Not a laser Mundus is a living being as well not technology or mechanical this is his "true" form. He also got tagged by Mundus’s more laser like attacks before hand. Then there are the lightning and meteor based anti feats