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I was trying not to break the rules , but also help out people who asked for help or were going to do something [ that in my opinion ] was dangerous . mp electricity bill payment online bhopal I really agree with the statement that a lot of the info on the internet is poor . But how do you handle it when you know something someone was told is wrong ? They should be helped . All I can do is try and make a good enough case that they at least will consider my ADVICE . gas under 3 dollars I am a custom gunsmith who develops cartridges and builds rifles to shoot them . electricity el paso apartments Develops load data using strain gauges . I have test fired 100’s of 1000’s of rounds through over 2000 old military rifles . I have worked with all the major military rifle types doing complete rebuilds in wildcat calibers , thus learning all their strong and weak points . I have built AR-15’s that fire 200 grain bullets at 2150 fps , my own cartridge design and my own gas system made from scratch . gas in back trapped I make my own bullets , my own cases as needed .

I was a ranked benchrest shooter using what I made . I have taken 100’s of big game animal with my cartridges and rifles . electricity production So in MY opinion I do not need to be told what rifle I should shoot [ as I was here on the 88 hunt post ] , by someone who has no idea how rifles even work [ but that does support the boards statement about what is on the internet ] . us electricity hertz When does opinion become fact ? I have tried to show some of the experience I was basing my opinions on . I do know exactly what bore sizes were used in Gew-88’s , when , by whom , why , and how to tell by the markings . But that is the root of the problem , there are many who think they do [ but do not ] and they are spreading the bad info . There is an old doc who spreads a lot of incorrect [ some dangerous ] reloading info . I feel people should at least be warned before the break a rifle or get hurt . gas unlimited houston They can heed the warning if the choose , up to them . On the other hand it is my opinion they should be able shoot their rifle if they want to . SO my question for the mods is it ok to help or warn people if I state it as an Opinion only ? It is your board and your rules .

As the primary moderator on these two forums (Imperial & Republic) I am ok with your commentary on ammunition topics and rifles as long as you make sure it is your opinion and you make no claims to suggest it is safe. You may be the most informed collector on this subject, your opinions may be based upon facts, but your observations are based upon specific rifles using specific ammunition and in any equation of rifle safety you can not know the condition or status of the rifle others intend to shoot. In short, you can’t possibly know if ammunition is safe in a rifle you have not seen or evaluated.

The site owners, Mike, Bruce and Craig may have other requirements, there maybe legal considerations I am unable to evaluate (our insane legal system), but my main concern is someone taking your informed commentary, based upon your experiences, which as you have stated as a gunsmith are qualified to know a safe rifle from a compromised rifle, as applicable to their rifle and situation.

I think there is merit in your research and observations, and knowledgeable (experienced) collectors can profit from reading about your experiments and conclusions, however I would ask you to remember that this forum is open to the public and many here have very little practical experience and it could be dangerous if someone misuses or misinterprets your observations.