Darvaz the portal to the depths of hell the quebec telegram la gasolina in english


Year by year, mankind manages to find hitherto unexplored places, many of which did not fit into the existing picture of the world. One such place, whose name is probably known to all lovers of conspiracy theories and superstitious people, located on the territory of modern Turkmenistan, reports Rus.Media.

The locals call this the failure of portal to the depths of hell and arguing with them is difficult, because the Darwaza is a huge hole in the ground that breathes flames five decades. During this time, the local portal to hell has acquired dozens of legends, but sources who tell him the real story. We will try to tell you that actually represents the Darvaza gates of hell that cannot be put out by anyone.

The story began in 1971. Geologists of the Soviet Union, which conducted a study of underground gas on the territory of modern Turkmenistan, has discovered huge deposits near the town of Darvaz. Of course, almost immediately, work began on drilling Deposit exploration was carried out very superficially. This started with the story of the burning this day of failure, which the superstitious people called portal to hell.

Installing the rig did not take much time. The work on gas production was in full swing, but one day, the engineers discovered an underground cavern. The void was so huge that a break of the top layer caused large-scale collapse, here failed and the rig with all equipment, and all vehicles that stood nearby. Luckily, no workers were injured.

A huge hole formed in the ground immediately filled with gas. Sounded the alarm biologists, because it was detrimental both for people and for livestock is an agricultural area where drilling took place, was home to several large collective farms. Geologists decided to ignite the gas that had gathered, suggesting that just a few days would be enough for his burnout. The operation was conducted on the fifth of March 1971. Salehouse gas coming from the caverns around the clock, few days did not go out. Flaming crater in the middle of the steppe scares people here five decades.

Funnel repeatedly tried to fall asleep. Anything good from this did not work: expedition, conducted in 1983, are unable to perform even one third of the necessary work, and in March 1992 there was another disaster: a group of local environmental activists from five people died in full strength under mysterious circumstances. This, of course, only added confidence superstitious people in the magical origins of the portal. Indeed, the gas can burn for forty consecutive years, and not fade away!

In 2004 the government of Turkmenistan is the village of Darvaza demolished. Actually, people here and so to do: even the most stubborn prefer to move to a quieter place. In 2010, President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov arbitrary decision decided the crater to fall asleep, because every second there are burned countless precious cubic meters of natural gas. But, to paraphrase a famous saying, Gurbanguly suggests, but the reality has: Darvaz still burns and is not going to fade.

In November 2013, to explore one of the most unusual places on the planet decided famous traveler, George Corons. He organized an expedition funded by National Geographic. The goal was neither more nor less, down to the bottom of the hot, hot crater and take samples of the soil. The preparation for the trip took Corona a year and a half, and the gear made of Kevlar in military factories. Then a brave traveler, despite the protests of numerous relatives, went to the personal tour of the Turkmen hell.

Corona incredibly lucky twice over. First, the equipment did not disappoint, and he just survived. And, secondly, the researcher only managed to take soil samples, but found at the bottom of the crater of life. Bacteria, which surprised researchers have studied on surface, do not live anywhere on earth, with the exception of this strange and terrible, boiling lava hole in the ground. This finding is very encouraging and astrobiology, because now those planets where life was thought impossible, it can be inhabited.