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Then, again, the real age of the famous MSS., A and B, though generally considered to be established, is one of the most uncertain things imaginable. u gas station near me That they were not executed before a certain date—the middle of the fourth century—is capable of demonstration. yoga gas relief pose But lhow long afterwards they came into existence, or which is the most ancient of the two, no man, however great Ins experience or his skill in palaeography, can tell. electricity merit badge worksheet Critics may form shrewd guesses ; but that is all they can do, for this plain reason, that there are no positive data on which to rest. a gas station near me There has, perhaps, never appeared a man better fitted, by his extensive researches in palaeography, to form an opinion as to the age of MSS., than the celebrated Montfaucon. Yet it is well known he judged the Vatican MS. to belong to the sixth century ; whilst Tischendorf and Tregelles confidently ascribe it to the fourth! Here is a difference of two centuries. done with electricity tattoo book Who shall decide where doctors disagree ?

"The fact is, too great stress should not be laid on the particular form of the letters in which ancient MSS. were written, where more conclusive proofs of their age do not exist. gas and bloating pain Supposing it all true that critics allege, as to certain forms of letters being universally characteristic of certain ages, wherever the codex chanced to be executed, and even when written, as some are said to be, by the slender hand of a female, still what more probable than that sometimes a scribe of the ninth or tenth century, when transcribing a MS. three or four hundred years old, should imitate the ancient style of Uncials which his copy presented ? Indeed, as matter of fact, we are able to affirm that such a thing has really occurred. power quiz questions The Codex Sangermanensis, an Uncial MS., belonging, according to Tregelles, to the ninth or tenth century, is yet written in letters of precisely the same form as the Codex Claromantanus, a production of the sixth century. If we ask those skilled in Comparative Criticism to explain this anomaly, they tell us that it was because the one was copied from the other.. In how many other cases this same process was repeated we have no possible means of determining. "

"No doubt the text of this newly-discovered MS., agreeing as it does so frequently with that of two or three other ancient copies of the Greek Testament, will be referred to as additional evidence of the authenticity of what is called the ‘ancient text,’ in opposition to our current text. But the readings of the Cursive copies of the Greek Testament rest on too solid a foundation to be disturbed by the discovery of an additional MS., even of alleged great antiquity. f gas certification logo There were bad copies, as Augustine and Jerome tell us, in the fourth century, just as much as in the tenth. We would ask the advocates of this pretended ‘ancient text,’ ‘ Whence was ‘ derived the text of the ten or twelve other Uncial MSS., and of the ‘ hundreds of Cursive codices agreeing in the main with them ?’ The only conceivable answer must be—from other more ancient MSS., and those again from other still more ancient than the boasted codices antiquissimi, whose testimony, with Tregelles and Tischendorf, usually decides a disputed reading. Thus, then, it may fairly be inferred, in the pages of these despised Uncials, E, F, G, H, &c., and the great mass of Cursives, we have, where they agree, the text, not of two or three, but of some fifty, sixty, or a hundred ancient MSS.; so that the extraordinary veneration paid to the Uncials B, C, D, and L is nothing more than a delusion of the imagination."