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In summary, they are manly( ”ball-full”) because they sure know that every relationship has a CONTROL NOB, and the party who SENDS less has it. and that same party dictate how the r/ship roll. the party basically has the MUMU SWITCH of the other party and therefore can control the other party without as much as saying a word…..just a luk or a sound, wud suffice.

Women are aware of this potent power by design, they also know that the power lies with the guy from creation and wud do everything possible to STEAL(they do this either to test if the guy is truly what they make of him or just plainly acting IT or they just luv been in control) it from the guys……subtly, guys not-in-the-know, aint.

BE yourself @ all times: what does this mean? It means don’t live ur life to please any gurl. Learn the act of saying no to some of her demands even though she knows u are capable of same. A girls that u always yeild to, wud soon friend zone u. You ain’t worth been her man.

Another reason is the compassionate part of them that just wano FIX things. They assume that Bad boys need redemption n they are d very ones to do it. They just need to show him a lil care, a lil touch, a lil hug, a lil prod , a lil luv n all wud be well. Lil did they know……

Bad boys are sporadic…..unpredictable, they dont mind spoiling her by tasting her honey in public places…making her adrenaline pump wild! Imagine her cUming in such tensed situation( torn inbtw getting caught n the pleasure sweeping tru her veins)! How can she not luv him to bits? Stolen waters tastes sweeter!

dont be fooled ladies know exactly what they are doing when they go demanding for things they dont even need and airtime they wud never call you with( this is how mugus and magas are made, this is where friendzoning begins) , it is your duty to fashion responses to deflect their demands and hold your sway.

slowly u grow in this game: from subtle refusal to outright funny ones. the only time u wud master this act is when bae starts touching u, u respond, then when every one is steamy, all cloths off and she launches for ur weapon, remove her hand, she wud try again, remove it still, after the 4th time she tries u can let her, i can bet you it wud be explosive! dont ask me why

i’m not really in the mood to get down tonight B, just want us to cuddle and kiss thereafter we sleep! she wud try her best but if you can stand your ground, you wud have passed this great test. she wudnt bliv it that a guy can turn her down with his hardness and her wetness! she might act funny thereafter, ignore it….. She knows u r becoming a Man!

try and hook a new catch, after the 1st – 3rd hang outs, they usually feel comfortable, wanting to come know ur place because you have been deflecting all talks away from where u stay( we wud talk more about this soon. it is a perfect way to have any lady BEG to come know your place instead of you begging to have her over as u have been doing and she has been refusing because she knows what your plans are already! )

so lets say you finally agreed to have her over, and after all said and done, reggae turned blues and u guys are on each other, cloths flying with supersonic speed off your bodies as u kiss( more on this in DRILL NUGGET 3) passionately in anticipation of a sumptuous session,

then just as she pulls u over and want u inside of her, u pull away, sit on the bed for a while thinking, then after a brief moment, pick your boxers and start wearing it! she wud be wondering what is happening, tell her u just lost it, that you gtg now. she wud cajole, implore, seduce and do all possible to have you, DONT YOU YEILD! remember this is a test! and to help you scale tru, always remember it your final test. wear your cloths, apologize and hit the street. u wud literally murder her with thots like : is it that he has a gurl friend and doesnt wano cheat on her? or is my kini smelly like that of that blogger? stretch marks on my laps? or is he impotent? cudnt B because i touched his hard Jrod….. is there something i did wrong? …… if only she knew….

yea i know, it is not fair to do this to any lady, but sit back and ask yourself, is it fair to do this to a guy? Ladies do this to guys all the time that is why they have mastered the act of staying on top of their game, and only let in guys they really want into their web, and for you to master your act also, this you must learn to do, not with one, but as often as u can,,,,,u wud bcome a master in no time, Jrod wud learn its place and then cease to control you.