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"Why are Republicans so inclined to see themselves as the victims of shadowy conspiracies? One answer is that while they see themselves as representing the strong solid middle ground in American public opinion, the available evidence suggests that the opposite is true. electricity out And so it is not surprising that the GOP, despite holding the reins of power throughout the federal government, sees itself as so embattled and oppressed. Nor is it surprising that so many of its supporters are so eager to retreat to the comfort of paranoid fantasies."

In organizing our communities for liberation, at what point do we teach on the concept of voting and how to act as a political bloc? I don’t see how we wait until the current system collapses to introduce folks to voting if there’s interest in having a post-revolution democracy. What concerns me most about folks saying "voting doesn’t solve anything" is that it misunderstands what the function of voting is. Voting is about choosing or changing leadership, making decisions on budget matters, referendums, etc. It’s 1 form of participation in a democracy. Even on the day that we achieve an actual functioning democracy in this world, voting will not be a "solution". Organizing & protest will (& should) still be occurring in healthy democracy. I’m concerned about our ability to achieve it without understanding the building blocks.

Sometimes I think about America’s sedentary, heart-diseased, fast-food gobbling, car-addicted suburbanites, sitting watching TV in their suburban castles, casually passing judgment on refugees who have walked 1000s of miles to escape oppression, and … well, it makes me mad. These are people who proclaim their victimhood when Starbucks fails to include sufficient Christmas kitsch on its cups. electricity towers in japan But these refugees just want handouts, apparently.

You know what happened in the immediate aftermath of World War I? Germany’s colonial possessions in Tanzania, Namibia, Togo and Papua New Guinea were immediately taken over and divided between France and Britain. You know why? Because THE WAR WASN’T ABOUT FREEDOM! World War I and World War II were fought by Imperialist powers over who gets to colonize what part of the world. America was segregated during both. Britain was starving Bengalis to death during both. France was murdering ACTUAL freedom fighters in North Africa during both.

Make no mistake. The fact that white supremacist groups have members on the inside of countless police departments and in legislatures absolutely facilitates their ability to operate with minimal consequence. White America believes so deeply in whiteness that the implication that it is, itself, a vector for terrorism is not a narrative it is willing to accept. Which is why the "mystery" of angry, abusive white mass murderers can never be solved. The most logical answer is off limits.

Women spend more time ‘scanning’ pavements for obstacles than men; they’re more obedient to ‘rules’ (less likely to cross lines); and less likely to cross at red lights. nyc electricity consumption Males walk faster, with more power and their course is less likely to be ‘perturbed’ by pedestrians/traffic. Male walkers have to wait at crossings for traffic to stop for much shorter times than women. Male pedestrians engage in far more risk-taking behavior (including using mobile phones while walking) and are TWICE as likely to die in collision with vehicles than women.

This is an important piece of the 2040 plan we never talk about. How can housing accommodate an aging population? Could it include units where younger people could help older people? More communal spaces? What about more multi-generational housing to accommodate a growing number of immigrant families, too? When we talk about “more neighbors,” these are our neighbors.

Climate denial will be defeated by political force. Or not. It will not be changed through argument or evidence. I realize this is very very difficult for people who care about evidence to internalize, but…it’s 2018. Pretty clear at this point what’s going on. People, I promise you, every second spent responding to the dumbass climate-denial arguments floating around today is a second wasted. gas stoichiometry practice They are not offered in good faith. They are not offered in good faith. They are not offered in good faith. They are not offered in good faith.

Many many people have made this point, but I find myself thinking tonight about how head-snappingly fast the right is going to go from "climate change is a liberal hoax" to "we need authoritarian solutions to climate change *now*" The amount of social disruption is going to be enormous. grade 6 electricity unit plan The caravan rhetoric was just a little itty-bitty taste of what’s coming. Brute fact is this: calling for an immediate crash plan to cut US carbon emissions by half by 2030 is a “radical” position that is also the consensus position of the world’s climate scientists as reflected in latest IPCC report.

Failing bridges aren’t really the big threat to American travelers. They just make sort of a dramatic/uncontroversial example of an infrastructure "problem." How many pedestrians would have to die for it to rank as a bigger infrastructure problem than some manufactured bridge crisis that is killing zero people a year? Imagine for a second, 6,000 Americans were being killed a year by failing bridges. 6,000 pedestrians are dying every year because our infrastructure fails them. But every time we talk about infrastructure it’s just blah blah what are we gonna do about our scary bridges

The only thing better than Ocasio’s honesty about her finances would be a Congress full of members who couldn’t afford rent without being paid. A Congress resembling the nation. z gas ensenada telefono You know what Ocasio means to me? Less an ideology than a glimpse of what it looks like when ordinary people, not plutocrats, lead the charge to "change the world." When the rich run change, they defang it. We must change whom we task to make change.

Why do 25 percent tariffs on steel get so much more media attention than 2500 percent tariffs on prescription drugs (patent protections)? In addition to larger tariffs, the prescription drug industry is an order of magnitude larger. I actually don’t want to see the government give away patents (food stamps for drug companies) at all. Pay for the research and put the patents in the public domain. It’s simple enough even Donald Trump could understand it.

"A library in the middle of a community is a cross between an emergency exit, a life-raft and a festival. They are cathedrals of the mind; hospitals of the soul; theme parks of the imagination. On a cold, rainy island, they are the only sheltered public spaces where you are not a consumer, but a citizen instead. A human with a brain and a heart and a desire to be uplifted, rather than a customer with a credit card and an inchoate ‘need’ for ‘stuff’.” —Caitlin Moran

My unpopular opinion is that most holidays, including Thanksgiving, are pretty stupid and we should just wipe the slate clean and start over again with new (and, per Europe’s example, more numerous) holidays. Like, it’s great for people to get together and sit down for a big meal, but there is no story to tell about Thanksgiving that is coherent or morally creditable. "We’re celebrating the time indigenous populations fed their oppressors local delicacies before being genocided." WTF? Let’s just replace it with a generic Take A Day Off And Have A Big Meal With Family Day. Nothing wrong with that.