Day 20 – maui forum – tripadvisor q gastrobar dias ferreira


He wanted a beach day in Paia at Baldwin beach, behind the basketball court to the far right, as you are looking at the ocean. So we hit the road at 8 am, heading down Pi’ilani Highway, where we got stalled for a while due to rush hour traffic and road construction. Oops, perhaps we didn’t time this right but we were in no hurry so we were not pressed or anxious in any way, unlike some other drivers who decided to do a u-turn, on the highway, crossing the grass medium and heading back the other way. Oh dear.

Arrived in Paia at around 8:45 am, parked at the public parking lot, just before the gas station, grabbed our gear, beach chairs and all and headed to the beach. We just love this beach. Hubby set up shop under the shade of a palm, but not too close to avoid the falling coconuts. I set myself up a bit farther away, where I could still get the glimmer of the sun peaking between the trees. Ah, what a serene day. The sky was blue with puffy, fluffy clouds above. The waves were out today roaring to the shore. I could sit here for hours just soaking it all in. We only wandered knee-deep in so as not to get yanked and thrown around. We didn’t mind at all.

For the nimble-bodied surfers, this must be a day that they live for. And there were about a half dozen of them out. Loved watching them, first as they scanned the ocean from the shore and waited, knowingly, for the precise moment to run in and make the plunge, then paddle their way out, crossing waves with such ease, and then mounting their boards, catching their waves, and manoeuvring their bodies this way and that, with such graceful determination. I hold such admiration and awe for these athletes. I wondered if, before they set into the ocean, they say a little prayer to the ocean gods to keep them safe. My husband wasn’t convinced.

After a couple of hours of lounging and ogling the surfers, we decided that it was time to tear ourselves away from this tranquil setting. So we headed back to the car to deposit our belongings in the trunk and then headed to Flatbreads, peering and stopping in at the little galleries and boutiques along the way.

As it was just a little after 11 am, there weren’t too many people at the restaurant, affording us seats by the window. I love people watching in Paia. Sometimes, you see the oddest things. Today’s highlight was a young lady wearing some kind of furry helmet with horns. She looked liked the grand pooba from the Flintstones. It put a smile on my face.

I ordered a margarita and hubby some rum-based drink. Then for lunch, hubby ordered the pork pizza and I had the vegetarian, topped with all sorts of yummy goodness, including carmelized onion, both on gluten free crust. It was delicious. This place knows how to do gluten-free right. The service was good too but the waitress could benefit from a course in smiles.

After lunch, hubby was a bit tired so wanted to head back. He was the birthday boy so his wish was my command. We made our way back to the condo. It was a hot and sizzling afternoon so hubby thought pool time was needed. There were quite a few people in and around the pool but we were in a need of a dip to cool down our bodies. So in we went. I took the pool noodle in with me, turned it into a “U”, and just sat on it l, lazily bobbing around. No thinking needed. Then we lounged in the shade poolside, hubby falling quickly asleep, shades on, mouth open. Cutie.

This was our first time there and what an experience it was, from start to finish. First, the setting is absolutely magnificent, lush with vegetation, pools and ponds, ducks, tiki torches, palm trees swaying in the distance, and rolling hills in the background. And the food was superb, rivalling Mama’s Fish House, their dishes so fresh, colourful, vibrant and contemporary.

I had also told them in advance that we were celebrating my husband’s birthday so he was showered with birthday greetings throughout the evening and we were seated at the best table in the house, right by the window/door opening between the restaurant and outdoor patio. What a view!

We ordered two apps – beets (served with cambozola cheese, puffed grains, rainbow chard marmalade, and laced with a citrus vinaigrette) and eggplant (in a tahini and honey glazed and accompanied by mint and caper berries). Both were delicious and light though the eggplant was my favourite.

For the main course, hubby ordered the pork chops (with cabbage, leek, pineapple, mustard seed, cilantro and a jus). I had the fish off the day (a kampachi with crispy skinned crust, surrounded by a medley of carrots, zucchini, green beans and all served atop of some type of beurre blanc). Every morsel was scrumptious, airy and simply delightful, and I devoured every last bite. No left overs for us this evening.

Love the idea that this is a farm to table establishment and knowing that our vegetables were lovingly handpicked from the hills in the distance. Just an extraordinary dinner and evening overall. And the prices were very reasonable – 2 cocktails, 1 glass of wine, two entrees, and a complimentary birthday desert for hubby, all for a little less than $150 minus tip (that was the price of a meal for one at Mama’s). I still have fond memories of my meal at Mama’s, but our meal at the Mill House was just a very different experience, with such an inventive menu and such creative preparations and presentations.

We left completely satisfied yet buoyant from our experience with both of us concluding that this was by far, the best meal we have had on island. I am thinking that we may have to go back, if only to wander the grounds and take a wander through the gift shops. We will definitely be back here for another meal on our next visit to Maui next year.