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This was a first for us but hopefully not the last. We arrived at around 10 am and the parking lot was already pretty full. But the volunteers were out in force, directing traffic and helping visitors quickly find available parking. As we made our way through the entrance gate, we were amazed by all the people and all the vendors.

We strolled through the grounds, stopping at each and every stall, admiring the different crafts and art. We spent a lot of time in the garden area, enjoying the spectacular colours, scents and shapes of the different exotic flowers. It was a feast for the eyes.

We also loved the patisserie tent. Hubby and I had promised ourselves earlier that morning that we were going to cut back a bit on the food intake as we were both feeling a few extra pounds padding our bodies. That pledge went out the window as soon as we eyeballed the desert offerings. So decadent and so delicious. We ordered three different deserts which we split between us. Oh well, we are on holidays. This is not the time for discipline and restraint.

We took our decadence to one of the nearby tents and listened to some local music. Unfortunately, I can’t remember the name of the band, but there were two gentlemen (a little older), who were amazing and got us grooving to a unique rendition of Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven. Such talent.

We wandered around some more, made a few small gift purchases, talked to the local artists (loved the guy carving turtles – such craftsmanship) as well as the photographer with some lovely canvases and metallic prints (he had an amazing panoramic of Haleakala, just incredible; if my walls at home weren’t already full, I would have purchased it).

After wandering the grounds, I was decidedly hungry and stopped of course at the Indian food stall. I’m so predictable. Grabbed the lunch and headed to another tent where we were entertained by an unbelievable local band called the Drivers, apparently the house band at the Four Seasons. The lead singer was just a little wee thing but with such a powerhouse voice. We sat there for a while and just grooved in our seats, until their performance ended.

Came back to the condo, hubby lazed, while I hit the pool. So refreshing. A couple of hours later, I was hungry again but felt like something very casual. So we ended up at Nalu’s. I was the healthy one today and ordered the beet salad entree. Hubby….he had the loco moco (because he could – they serve breakfasts all day long).

When we got back to the condo, the coded entrance gates didn’t work so we had to use the main, gated entrance. Found out that the entire complex lost electricity. We had no clue why, no one really knew. What to do when the lights go out? Hmmmm…well, hubby decided that he wanted to just relax on the recliner while I wanted to drink wine. So I brought my beverage(s) downstairs and met up with my friends from the complex and had a good old fashioned chin wag. A couple of hours later, the power was back on (except for the elevators), so I invited my friends over to the unit, where we shared some more cocktails, some music and some laughs. After a few drinks in, my girlfriend and I thought we were the solid gold dancers and bounced around.