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The tour was reported to be an hour and a half. Ours took two hours, only g gas lol speeded up when the next tour caught us up. I was ready to give up and I wasn’t the only one, after 25 minutes we were still at the top of the first stair case. No doubt very interesting for the guide, but for us and the other couple much too long. So a few points for them to work on to improve the experience: 1 hour tours; The guide should not stand in the doorway describing a room stopping the visitors seeing into the room; Don’t spend so much time at the beginning that you rush the last bit, we only got a couple of minutes in the room with the doll’s house and we advised not to bother with the underground passages, but were glad we explored them; Finally things being locked up before we left, please leave things open until closing time, closing the gift shop before we got there was madness, there was someone there most of the afternoon, then it was closed when we finished the tour. To me is had the air of something with a lot gas prices going up 2016 of money being spend but not much income. Mostly the light bubs were not the energy efficient one, must have an enormous electricity bill. Beautifully fitted out new toilets in the café area, greatly manicured garden. But I think that Thursday the staff probably outnumbered the visitors. I would say if you want to go here with children wait for a special event. The guide tried a level physics electricity questions and answers, but really lacked the skill to talk to children.

Thank you for your very helpful review. We are extremely sorry that you did not enjoy your visit to Hoghton Tower. Our guided tours are indeed intended to last one and a half hours as over the years we have found this is the time needed to share with our guests the many stories that gas unlimited houston the house has to tell. We agree that two hours is far too long for the tour and that the tours should cover all of the house in equal measure, and we have taken this up with the volunteer guide concerned. In response to the point you make regarding children on tours, I would like to point out that we do offer specifically family-friendly tours on certain days at set times, which are advertised on our website and in our events leaflets. As a small charitable Trust we have severely limited resources and depend heavily on the contribution of our volunteers – both to deliver our guided tours and to work in the ticket booth and gift shop. I daresay that most types of electricity pdf of the staff you saw during your visit were those volunteers rather than paid staff of whom there are very few. Finally, I’m sure you can appreciate that bringing a 16th Century house into the 21st Century poses many challenges! We are currently reviewing our light bulb supplies to ensure that we are as energy efficient and environment friendly electricity usage in the us as possible. However, sourcing such bulbs for some of our quirkier antique fittings may take some time. We do hope your experience will not prevent you from visiting us again – perhaps to attend one of our events? Many thanks once again for your extremely valuable feedback.

My family (me, my hubby and children 11, 7 and 4 and my brother in law, his wife and their children 6, 4 and 1) spent Sunday 1st of June experiencing life at the time of the War of the Roses electricity trading strategies. After last visiting here about 15 years ago as a teenager I had been full of tales of how wonderful it was, thankfully it certainly didn’t disappoint!! Firstly it’s gorgeous, has the most incredible setting and breathtaking view, even the children couldn’t get over the view!! We didn’t go on the tour of the house as we were informed it lasted just over an hour and we had little boys and girls eager to get to grips with being soldiers but we are looking forward to heading back when there are less distractions and joining a child friendly tour (which is a great idea and very forward thinking!). The gardens and courtyard were lovely and gave our little princesses some inspiration, whilst leaving me wishing i could get married all over again and have this as our venue. The people doing the 3 main gas laws living history were fantastic and if they are ever there again we will definitely go back for this too. They were very knowledgeable and approachable and i was particularly impressed with how they engaged the children. We caught the end of a display on guns and archers, managed to browse the camp and look at armour, relics, toothbrushes, games, cooking methods etc. Then there was a display on weapons and armour where the children could get involved too during soldier training. This was great fun and really wonderful to see so many gas leak children having so much fun. After a quick look round the gift shop in the stables there was a play of George and the Dragon in the garden, which had everyone laughing and joining in and was a definite highlight for all. We didn’t eat or drink there but could see many that were and seemed happy. There was also a hog roast stall which looked very tempting. I did buy a bottle of each of the hoghton tower ales for my husband. It’s not been opened yet so can’t comment on the taste but it’s a novel idea 🙂 All of the staff we encountered were friendly gas x reviews ratings, welcoming and helpful and after i harassed 5 of the children to the toilet the facilities were clean and well stocked even at the very end of the day. In all it was a fantastic day, brilliant history, brilliant play and brilliant place plus you can’t beat watching 5 children running round a beautiful courtyard with plastic swords. We will be going back this summer. (Have just emailed them about their accommodation for a child free visit) * Also we thought it was really lovely to see the family who own Hoghton Tower there enjoying the 4 gas planets day and being so involved. One of the reenacters told us of their hospitality too….it just make you like a place that little bit more.