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The king of synergising everything from heavy-bass hip hop to future funk with the ambition to play house music and be the next Mr. Worldwide: Jerrausama. b games play online From casually dropping that he wanted to start DJ-ing about a year ago to performing with Sam Gellaitry and spinning at Solar, Lowlands, Soulection and Splash!. After learning to DJ from YouTube tutorials and trying it on virtual DJ, he’s now even hosting his own event called ‘Lettuce’ in Amsterdam. With four volumes out on Soundcloud and a playlist on Spotify, I’m sure he’ll be as big in the future as the beats he’s synergising. astrid y gaston lima menu english An abundance of happiness, energy and comfort, this man delivers more sauce during his shows than your local pizza guy. Definitely a must listen to!

High-tech art meets the world of old-school craftsmanship at ‘Clues (a speculative present)’, the duo show of Klaas Rommelaere and Frederik Heyman, currently running at Borgerhout’s DMW Art Space. Digitally animated 3D scenes carefully assembled by Heyman and invaded by analogue, neo-folkloristic objects originating from Rommelaere’s mind dialogue with the colourful hand-embroidered, -knitted, -knotted and -crocheted textile pieces made by Rommelaere and his club of nimble-fingered grannies. Though each in his own way, both artists create multi-layered universes inspired by human rituals and stories from far and near.

Club Late Music (CLM) is an open-sourced and collaborative music label that reflects a contemporary, post-internet attitude and personifies the instantaneous and global nature of today’s culture. It seeks to reinvent the ways of producing and promoting musical projects. gas variables pogil answers In June 2017, CLM initiated the Global URL Nation (GUN) collaborative community, gathering a diverse society of artists and musicians to work together on experimental projects using various mediums and processes inherited from contemporary cyberculture. To back their message, CLM published a weighty paper on the economies of creation, collective intelligence and new structures of music production and promotion to give others the keys to building a new record company model. To give you a taste, producers like LYZZA, Kid Cala, WRACK, LaBok, Nahshi and Celes7e have contributed in the past.

Raw, realistic and shocking. electricity transmission loss Pure femininity is what describes Puckwietveld – and her work – best. electricity and magnetism worksheets 4th grade The type of person you want to check out real quick and all of a sudden you’re eight years deep liking a picture from 2010. Oops. This 19-year-old illustrator and all-round creative draws everything that comes to mind without erasing or perfecting her work. Puck Rietveld, aka Puckwietveld, aka artbypuck, mastered shocking art. With being held back by teachers and getting a lot of negative responses to her work, she managed to find a way to continue making some great pieces. wd gaster x reader Her artwork puts you in her shoes and shows you the world from her perspective. electricity prices per kwh 2013 Want to take a trip to Puck’s lane? Check out her work and get the full Puck experience.

Let’s talk about sex. Inspired by quotes like. ‘I don’t like kids’ from 101 Ways to Say NO to Sex, a sex education brochure found on the internet which made them laugh their heads off, the TMH or Tieten Met Haar collective created a series of posters which are on view at In De Ruimte from mid-December. The Friday evening vernissage will be coupled with the release of TMH’s new anthology, an open-mic curated by Self-Ish where you can share your most embarrassing and funny stories of your first kiss, your first time, your coming out or coming of age, followed by a Bebe Books educating lecture on safe sex and, top of the bill, a karaoke party finishing off this evening devoted to an open dialogue on sexual and emotional growth.

Ever feel overwhelmed by the amount of online radio shows and DJ sets that are piling up on your ‘to listen’ list? The bottomless pit that Mixcloud and other platforms have become leaves listeners with an excessive supply of mixes without any specific impulse to consume it right here and now. gas kinetic energy Enter Black Femme Electronica, which is reintroducing some urgency to the radio experience as a monthly pop-up radio station. It’s dedicated to providing a platform for black and brown femme and womyn-identified electronic musicians and each pop-up episode streams for just 24 hours. Last month’s show featured Jersey queen KAYY DRiZZ. The channel comes without social media, so keep an eye on their web domain and try not to miss out on the next episode.