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Here at, we have worked hard to become the Internet’s number one reference for your deck stain opinions and unbiased reviews. Those who have ever bought deck stains at Lowes or Home Depot can attest to the poor quality of their products. In this article, we investigate why their products don’t stand up to the elements or the test of time. If you have used a deck stain purchased from Lowes or Home Depot, we would like to hear what you think, so feel free to leave a comment below and pictures of your projects if you have them.

We would love to hear from you if you have used any of the Big Box Brand stains such as the Behr Premium Wood Stain. Pictures of your experience with deck stains from Lowes or Home Depot can be posted in the Comment Area below. Please specify the brand of decking stain that was used and a description that is positive or negative as it would be helpful for other consumers who are considering which stain brand to choose. The majority of comments below describe issues of peeling, application issues, and color problems with most of the stains that can be bought at Lowes and Home Depot. Why Deck Stains are Poor at the Big Box Stores

As a homeowner, you know that regular maintenance can not only prolong the life of your property, it can also increase its curb appeal and value. Nothing is truer when it comes to the exterior surfaces of your home like a deck. Deck maintenance includes regular cleaning and sealing the wood to protect it from the harsh elements. Doing so ensures a lasting surface that will provide years of use and value.

To perform proper deck maintenance it is crucial to use quality products including wood cleaners, brighteners, and especially deck stains. Deck restoration or maintenance can go wrong in a hurry if you use the wrong products. The biggest culprit to deck maintenance gone wrong is applying a cheap or inferior deck stain.

There are plenty of good deck stain products on the market and the key to finding a quality wood stain is looking in the right place, or better yet, knowing where NOT to look. As you know, many of the big box stores carry a wide variety of deck stains. It’s convenient, fairly priced, and you will notice they carry some well-known brands of deck stain such as Cabot and Olympic.

So it would seem the search for a quality deck stain is over that quick or is it? There is no doubt that some of the brands they sell are quality brands but the problem stems from where they are being sold. Manufacturers of products are forced to make a “cheaper version” of their once quality products before being stacked on the shelves of any big box store.

Big box stores like Lowes and Home Depot compete on price, so they literally tell any company wanting in the door that they have to make a cheaper version of their product to sell at a certain price point. This is known as the Wal-Mart Effect.

What this means for a deck stain company is that the formula has to be changed so it is cheaper to produce allowing them to sell at a lower price. The bottom line is when you buy a quality brand of deck stain at a big box store; you are not buying the same quality formula they have always been known for but rather a watered down version. That’s right! A cheaper, less effective formula of deck stain that does not perform or hold up as well as it should. It is the sad truth and it preys upon unsuspecting homeowners every year. You buy what you thought was a quality wood deck stain and a year after applying it, it begins to fail leaving you confused, frustrated, and back to square one.

Penofin: Entered the Home Depot market in the late 1990’s and was almost put out of business. They came in with the same formula but was forced to either move their operations offshore to keep the same quality or pull the line. They did the right thing and pulled the line.

I think this whole deck cleaning or stripping, and staining a deck every two to three years is crazy. But I understand it may be a reality. What about products like Restore? Do they last 10 years? What do you do then, a little cleaning and sanding, then re-coat? Who wants to use harsh chemicals to strip? I like the idea of Rhino Shield, but my budget is tight.

I have a multi-level deck with Trex decking and wood railings and frame. I just had my deck reinforced last fall, so there is some new wood and the railing tops were replaced. My deck gets a lot of sun, so I need to get it coated to protect it. I used a Cabot oil based cedar semi-trans stain on it 6 years ago. It looked pretty good at first, but in a year it turned a matt chalk surface. There are a couple of wooden posts that must have received more stain and they seem to have a paint like layer.

I tried cleaning a section, trex decking and railings that had a little mold with Krud Kutter. I liked this cleaning option because, from what I learned, it does not contain bleach. I followed the directions and it didn’t do much, so I increased the strength to close to full. It was pretty good, but I still see some faint mold spots. Is that ok?

I’d like to find a one coat stain that will last. I don’t like the idea of having to strip my deck every two years and re-stain. I have stripped a lot of furniture, but stripping a deck, that sounds like it will require a lot of harsh chemicals. What is that process like? That’s why I’m considering the Restore type product. I’d rather avoid the stripping.

Peter, depending on the ethics of the manufacturer, you would get that type of answer. Haven’t you noticed that things are not the same that they used to be? I had a Eureka vacuum for 13 years. Within the last 10 years, I have had over 7 different brands and types. Nothing is the same quality nor do they really stand by their guarantees. Look at the Behr and Rust-Oleum complaints and you will see the same pattern. Rust-Oleum I think copies and pastes their answers…redo the whole process…never money back or real fix. I was looking to redo my deck with restore or deckover, but the cost of the products compared to the reviews are pathetic. I believe Dave is really trying to inform the public on the short falls on unethical companies that now have ops overseas and have lower quality standards. You cannot tell me things from yester year works the same today. Take a look at TWP website about "Big Box Stores". Also, haven’t you noticed that wally world used to proudly display "Made In USA" now it is "Made In China" and the quality has bottomed out. Sadly, most things are owned by the same company, i.e. 3 main manufacturers for all TVs. Do your research and you will see and put the blame where it belongs – unethical companies that want your almighty dollar and doesn’t stand behind their products. Hopefully you get the gest and this has opened your eyes to such people like Dave.