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The layout of the proposed Deep Water Desal project in Moss Landing, Calif. Electricity and magnetism physics The red outline on the right shows the plant location, and the green lines show the proposed intake and discharge pipelines. X men electricity mutant Elkhorn Slough, a protected natural area, runs along the top of the image, and the Dynegy powerplant is the developed area in the center. Z gas el salvador precios (Deep Water Desal)

Most desalination plants require at least two stages of filtration before the water undergoes reverse osmosis for desalination, she said. Gas pains or contractions The Deep Water Desal project will require only one stage, which will significantly reduce the plant’s energy requirements.

In another unusual move, the developers also propose to build the desalination plant in tandem with a large data storage facility. B games basketball Besides water, Adamson said, the Monterey Bay region also has a need for data storage and faster internet speeds. Gas jet size chart The cold seawater would first meet the cooling needs of the data storage facility before being routed to the desalination plant.

This solves a problem at the desalination plant as well. Electricity deregulation map Cold water is not ideal for desalination because it is more dense and, thus, requires more electricity to force through the micropores of the reverse-osmosis filters, Adamson said.

In total, Adamson said, the electricity required to operate the project will be reduced by an estimated 40 percent compared to a conventional desalination project. J gastrointest surg This will help contain the price of the freshwater it produces, and also reduce the project’s greenhouse gas emissions.

The developers are negotiating with the city of Salinas to create a municipal power authority. Electricity jokes puns This would allow the desalination facility to acquire all its electricity from designated “green” sources, such as a wind farm. Grade 6 science electricity test It could also be acquired at wholesale prices.

“We’re dedicated to having a carbon-neutral or carbon-negative project,” she said. A level physics electricity questions and answers “It’s about how can we meet all of these different needs and make a better project for everybody.”

The project nevertheless faces significant obstacles. Natural electricity examples One is that it proposes development inside Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, which is managed by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Electricity lesson plans 4th grade Any new desalination facility in the sanctuary must receive approval from NOAA, which prepared a set of guidelines in 2010 for desalination projects within the sanctuary.

Those guidelines assert that NOAA has approval power over any seafloor development within the sanctuary, which includes seawater intakes, and for the discharge of highly concentrated brine, a waste product of desalination.

Both NOAA and the State Water Resources Control Board prefer subsurface seawater intakes that draw water though the sand and soil floor of the ocean. Wd gaster Such intakes use the substrate to filter the water so the intake doesn’t kill plankton, fish larvae and other important marine species. Z gastroenterol journal But these are much more expensive to build than the open-water intakes that are more common around the world.

Adamson said a subsurface intake isn’t possible because there aren’t enough deep sand deposits in the area. Gas house dance hall So Deep Water Desal is proposing an open-water intake using a fish screen with 1mm openings.

Carol Reeb, a research scientist at Stanford University’s Hopkins Marine Lab, said she is “not that worried” about the marine life that could be killed by an open-ocean intake. B games unblocked That’s because the volume of water drawn in by a project of this size is not great.

She is more concerned that the desalination plant could be affected by frequent algae blooms – such as red tides – that occur in Monterey Bay. Gas tax in ct These blooms are fueled, in part, by nutrients that well up from the deep underwater canyon.

“In fall and spring, we can see huge fans of algal blooms in that area,” said Reeb, who has studied marine life in the canyon. Electricity in costa rica for travelers “To me, the bigger issue is how are we going to prevent the [desalination] plant from clogging.”

Reeb also noted the project can’t be guaranteed that its intake water will always come from the canyon depths at all times. Electricity word search answers The upwelling that brings deep, cold water up from the canyon depths is a regular event only in summer. Gas laws worksheet chapter 5 answers In winter, the upwelling often stops, and the intake would instead draw water that is closer to the surface, more stagnant and possibly warmer.

NOAA also prefers that brine be diluted by mixing with some other water supply before discharge, such as treated wastewater or power plant cooling water already being discharged in the bay.

Brine produced by desalination is a concern because it is two to three times saltier than the ocean. Gas in oil causes As a result, it does not disperse easily. Electricity projects in pakistan It can settle on the ocean floor like “syrup,” smothering marine life, Reeb said.

Aerial photo of Elkhorn Slough, looking west toward Moss Landing and Monterey Bay. Gas constant in kj The Deep Water Desal facility is proposed on the property in the upper left where an old crude oil storage tank farm was once located. 5 gases (Moss Landing Marine Laboratories/California State Universities)

Adamson said Deep Water Desal is negotiating with Dynegy, owners of the large natural gas-fired power plant in Moss Landing, to use its cooling water discharge to dilute the brine. Electricity through wood But nothing has been finalized yet. Electricity sound effect For now, Adamson said, the discharge plan calls for a diffuser device to disperse the brine through a new pipeline extending about 2,000 feet (600 meters) offshore, on an underwater shelf area north of Monterey Canyon’s edge.

Another concern is that the desalination plant would be located next to Elkhorn Slough Ecological Reserve, a protected wildlife area in Moss Landing operated by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. Gas bloating pain Deep Water Desal plans to purchase a 100-acre parcel adjacent to the reserve that is now owned by Dynegy.

Dave Feliz, manager of the reserve, said he is concerned that a large, industrial desalination facility will degrade the area’s natural scenery. Gas hydrates He also worries about an accident at the plant that could discharge brine into the Elkhorn estuary.

“I’m not quite sure why it has to be right next to a very scenic, biologically rich area,” said Feliz. R gas constant kj “It’s going a different direction from the conservation path we’re taking in the slough.”

Adamson said a draft environmental impact study is now being prepared for the desalination project, and she hopes it will be approved in mid-2017. Electricity clipart Numerous other permits are required from state, federal and local agencies, but Adamson is optimistic construction could begin in 2018.

Adamson estimates the project will cost around $300 million to construct. Ortega y gasset la rebelion de las masas That sounds like a bargain compared to the recently completed Carlsbad Desalination Plant in San Diego County. Gasbuddy map That project is about twice as large and cost $1 billion.

Several water agencies in the region have expressed interest in purchasing water from the plant, including the Monterey Peninsula Water Management Agency, which contributed $800,000 to help pay for environmental studies.

Adamson could not yet estimate how much water will cost from the desalination facility, except to say it will be less than $2,000 per acre-foot. Electricity facts label That is the approximate cost of water from the Carlsbad desalination facility, considered the most expensive in California. Gas vs electric heat About the Author