Deerfield neighbors december 2017 newsletter hp gas online booking mobile number


In 2017, the Deerfield Landscape Committee started to chart a new path for common area improvements. We felt that a masterplan approach should be implemented to inventory our assets and create a long-range plan with input from the community. We were eager to tackle and rectify decades of projects installed via a bidding and construction process that has no plans, standards or specifications to hold contractors accountable for quality control. Our current BOD’s ‘wack-a-mole’ approach to projects is costing us more money when every patch job comes with diminishing returns. gas yojana Merely maintaining is not ‘progress’ when are we maintaining crap. Will you continue to fix a car that is worth less than it’s next brake job?

Your fellow neighbor landscape committee volunteers, are active state registered, chartered, and licensed professionals. These professionals are actively involved on a day to day basis with real estate transactions, property management protocols, and managing architectural/engineering projects with valuations far exceeding the annual budget of the Deerfield association.

These professionals are bounded ethically, legally and financially responsible for harm caused by their day to day decisions and designs. These professionals are also required by the state and their professional charters to maintain their licensing via continuing education credits, so they are current with state building codes, accessibility requirements, and property liability exposures.

Instead of relying on these volunteer professionals for free expert advice and services, some members of the BOD chose to question their basic abilities as professionals with no substantial basis other than their own personal biases, while pleading ‘we must follow the process, or this is how it works’. With the economy roaring, we have chosen the worst time to continue this piecemeal spending trend for subpar services and materials that are at an all-time high in cost.

Why is this important? Had Accell and the Board provided the requested documents regarding Alpha Construction within the ten (10) business days back in June, then perhaps the community would have been able to provide the board reason to not work with Alpha Construction. Instead what happened is the board denied the request for Alpha’s records for four (4) months. During that time the board continued to hire Alpha Construction with a revoked contractor’s license, with no insurance or bond in August for the work at Fawn Glen & Deerfield. electricity worksheets grade 9 This put the association at risk due to negligence.

There are laws for disclosure of records to members, because we have a vested financial interest in the community. There shouldn’t be a need for a homeowner to constantly remind Accell and the Board about the laws for homeowner’s right to request, inspect and copy association records. Going forward, I would like to see Accell and the Board be on the same page about the timeliness of service to be provided to member’s request for records according to the respective laws.

2. j gastrointest oncol impact factor Premier Builders & Hardscape Inc. Proposal – Concrete Sidewalk Repair Proposals for area between Mariposa/Timberline and Red Rock/Deercreek in amount of $44,800** for 4,000 sq.ft. Multiple bids were reviewed. Dana Hutchins stated the concrete work would commence after landscaping and sand was put in the tot lots. Karen Bruno asked if we had the funds to pay for this and that was confirmed. Motion Passed by Unanimous Vote.

9. electricity outage san antonio Audit and Tax Preparation Proposal for annual financial audit. Bart Prien(Treasurer) was asked which company he recommended. Bart intially stated he wanted a different company to do the audit and chose Inouye, Shively, Longtin and Klatt. He was informed that was the company we currently are using. Bart Prien remained with his choice. Motion Passed by Unanimous Vote.

My two cents: Bart Prien is our Treasurer and unfortunately due to health reasons he is on strong pain medication. For the last two meetings, he has had a challenging time staying awake and has had difficulty answering basic financial questions. This is concerning since the board needs a Treasurer that can handle the important responsibility of managing our association funds.

My two cents: Finally!! This has been an uphill battle since the end of June when I requested this 2016 annual audit. When I found out that no one in our community received the 2016 annual audit, I asked why? I was shocked I had to argue with Accell Property Mgmt. about their excuses of not providing the community our annual audit. Then my efforts were delayed, because I was banned from attending the meetings in August. As soon as I was added on title and able to attend the meetings again in September, I addressed the board directly about our annual audit during open forum.

I have a few takeaways from this. First is how unhelpful Accell was regarding disclosing a standard annual audit, given that they are a professional property management company that should know better. Secondly, how extremely challenging it was to convince the board they have an obligation to follow our governing documents which requires that all homeowners receive an annual audit of our finances. d cypha electricity futures Thirdly, I’m still gravely concerned that it took 6 months for the board to do the right thing.