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4. Don’t be angry with me for long, and don’t lock me up as punishment. I am not capable of understanding why I am being locked up. I only know I have been rejected. You have your work, entertainment and friends. f gas regulations ireland I only have you. Treat me kindly, my beloved friend, for no heart in all the world will be more grateful for your kindness than me.

6. Take me in when it is cold or wet. gas chamber I am a domestic animal and am no longer accustomed to bitter elements. I ask for not more than your gentle hands to pet me. Keep my water bowl full and give me food to eat, so that I may stay healthy and strong to be your loving and loyal friend. By your side I stand ready and willing to share my life with you. for that is what I live for.I will never forget how well you have treated me.

having fun. just see to it that my trusting life is taken gently. And be with me on that difficult journey when it is time to say good bye. Never say, "I can’t bear to watch" or "Let it happen in my absence". Everything is easier for me if you are there. I will leave this earth always knowing that my life was safe in your hands. Remember, irrespective of what you do I will always love you.

I looked into the first kennel, and saw only the back of a medium sized dog who was curled up in the corner of his kennel, shivering. He was mostly white, with some black spots."Hello?" I said. "May I come in?"He lifted his head, as though it weighed more than he could bear. extra strength gas x while pregnant When he looked at me, I could see he was a Pit bull. His eyes were gentle, but filled with grief. "Enter," was all he said.

Master took me for a walk one day, and some lady started to scream when she saw me. I got frightened, and barked at her. The dog police came, and they took me away. I have been with Master for 10 years. The last time I saw him, he just held me and cried. He kept telling me he was sorry. I worry for him. electricity font generator Whatever will he do without me?"Pete shivered even more.

"I am not certain WHY I am here. I think maybe my family will come back for me. They bought me when I was only 6 weeks old. I remember they said how smart Border Collies are, and how it would be so easy to train me. They were very excited at first. The little ones played with me all the time. But the trouble with little Masters is, they refuse to stay in a group. I constantly had to nip their heels to keep them together."

He looked confused."Why won’t they stay in a group?" he sighed. "So I did what I thought I should do. I am not quite sure why the little ones screamed when I did my job, but they did, and the Masters got very angry at me. mp electricity bill payment online indore They also got angry when I had to relieve myself, and did so in the house. electricity basics I am not sure where they expected me to go. All they said was that I was the smartest breed in the world, and I should just KNOW better.

I overheard him telling his friends that I would grow up to be big and mean like my mother. But as I grew older, all I wanted to do was play and be friends with everyone.Jim said I needed to be taught how to be mean, so he chained me up in the yard. No more house for me, he said, I was too spoiled. When people came by to visit, I was so happy to see them. I wanted them to come and play. But that made Jim angry, so he beat me with sticks and chains. When he came near, I would roll onto my back so he would know I wasn’t a bad dog. That made him beat me more." Spartan’s eyes clouded with grief.

Suddenly the shape lunged at the gate in a fury, barking and gnashing its teeth. I stumbled backwards, and crashed into an adjacent kennel. The other dogs began barking loudly and jumping at their gates. "Don’t go near her," a small female voice came from behind me. "She’s mad."I gathered myself back together, and saw a little Jack Russell Terrier behind me.

I had heard and seen enough. I needed to tell people how it was for these unfortunate creatures. They were all here through no fault of their own. I stood to leave. I passed by many other dogs I did not interview, looking at each one, wishing I could take them all home with me and give them the love they deserved.I stood by the door taking one last glance back, when it opened, and one of the pound workers came in. electricity lesson plans middle school His face was drawn and sad. He walked by without a word, and stopped at Pete’s kennel. I heard him take a deep breath, then he paused, and opened the kennel door. The words were muffled, but I am sure I heard him say, "I’m sorry old boy."