Defending the indefensible andargachew tsige lionizing isaias afewerki – awramba times electricity production by state


In today’s Eritrea, people are routinely subject to imprisonment without explanation, trial, or any form of due process. Incarceration often lasts indefinitely. gas oil ratio 50 to 1 Senior government officials and journalists, arrested twelve years ago after they raised questions about Isaias’ rule, remain jailed incommunicado. Defecting guards report that most of these officials have died.

Amnesty International’s report said that at least 10,000 political prisoners have been imprisoned by the regime of Isaias Afewerki. With no known exception, not a single political prisoner has ever been charged with a crime or tried, had access to a lawyer or been brought before a judge or a judicial officer to assess the legality and necessity of the detention.

Torture and other abuses during detention are routine. Punishments include mock drowning, being hung from trees by the arms, being tied up in the sun in contorted positions for hours or days, being doubled up inside a rolling tire, having handcuffs tightened to cut off circulation, as well as frequent beatings. There are no institutional constraints on Isaias Afewerki’s Eritrea.

We have no doubt that Isias Afeworki is the worst ruler in this planet. gaz 67 for sale However, Ginbot 7 leaders are engaging in dramatic hypocrisy by praising this East African thug. According to Ginbot 7’s Secretary General Andargachew Tsige, authorities of the Eritrean regime are backing Ethiopian opposition groups due to the fact that they are generous. gas monkey Please watch this funny interview.

Eritreas, 2nd lungug is not Amharic it is Arabic,do you think Esaias loves you he is thinking what kind of pc of s….t you are in his mind. b/c you are sealing your people for your own personal intrest,also he, him self have fought you,he heated you for so long. in order for him to raised an arm stragle, againest the amhara king & millitary he must hated you for years dood!!!

And know you are in the same bed with the person who humelated you in public, in front of the world,do you know Elf(SHABIA)& TPLF(EPRDF)ARE THE ONE WHO ended the amhras domain,and know you are going to bed with this people ? what happend to you????wher is your pried if you call your selfe Ethiopiawe? i don’t belive yous are Ethiopiawians,(GARBAGES) we Ethiopians we don’t negoshet with our DIGNITY!!!!all arabes

you don’t give a sheet about your country Ethiopia,about your own people Ethiopians!! give me a break take a haike>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.!!!!!!!!!We Ethiopianes never ever think the Eritrean people are our enemis never and ever,also the Eritrean people have ever thought that the Ethiopian people are there enemis. but the shabia government have low self stem about there mind.

Thank you for posting this candid interview. Ato Andargachew is clearly not fit to be leader of an organisation let alone being trusted by a national position. Remarks on whether President Isaias drives alone or has body guards, or indeed whether some of the ministers drive delapetated cars is not at all relevant on whether there is democracy and the rule of law! President Isaias has been in power for over 20 years without any elections. He has impoverished a his nation and rendered it an isolated and failed state! Speak with any sensible Eritreans and they will tell you the man is a crazy despot! He has not allowed many educated Eritreans to help with development of their country. gastronomia y cia Thus when Ato Andargachew speaks of Eritrea as a model country it laughable at best and is displaying his insanity at worst. Talking about the president “walking freely” when many opposition leaders are incarcerated in his jails, and that his kids are earning peanuts, even if true is totally IRRELEVANT! A leader of a nation has to weave a careful thread creating alliances to steer his nation to development, improving infrastructure, the economy, health and education. That is how a country’s leadership should be judged – and not by his “courageous FAILURE” . Ato Where is broader political analysis of the Isaias regime? Andargachew – you have singularly displayed your political immaturity in a single act of a short interview. No wonder people are not flocking to die for your idiotic and ludicrous cause. electricity review worksheet answers They have more sense than to be led by a bunch of arm-chair “IDIOTS” that the late PM MZ correctly characterised the likes of Andargachew TSige. Ethiopia may not have the perfect democracy but it has made a start; the green shoots of development are evident to any honest person! Clearly, as the late PM said our democracy is work in progress in which we need to make contribution exercising wisdom. We have a long way to go but with conviction we will get there. You can’t say that about Isaias’s Eritrea! I am sure the Eritrean people will topple this dictators but I wish that was sooner than later!

I used to respect your comments, though totally disagree with most of them. For you woyane is a blessing but for me it is a nightmare. gaz 67 dakar As you may have some supports who support your opinion, i am sure there are even more million people who rather wish to exchange woyane, as it is really getting older and older—and when a man is old enough he has to retire, from government job, otherwise he creat big problem with irreversible consequences. Woyane is like an old man, jajtewal. They have to go down and live the rest of their life in peace. gas tax in texas They have done their share (though they pulled us and our country to the most bad corners, though i also respect the good corners they brought). But now they have to retire before they take us to the no return door—i hope you have idea of the no return door in in many countries in west and south africa. Once you passed that door, you are lost, you are just slave, like a commodity, you could be througn to the Sea if you say anything.

Go and learn, gaysim is not and by no mean could be promoted in our culture as you put it overe there. if you are here in addis, you better try to act in order otherwise, you better leave this country as you donot belong to us. We are looking for the government to enact the death to those type of people. Donot try to tell convince me mixing it with democracy.