Delek us holdings, inc. (dk) downgraded by zacks investment research to hold

Delek US Holdings ( NYSE:DK) open at 25.92 on Fri. Delek US Holdings has a sole gathering stumpy of $14.76 and a individual gathering flying of $27.85 gas kush. The stock’s 50 daylight active calculate valuation is $26.05 and its 200 period active sample value is $25.17. The company’s mart capitalisation is $2.11 1000000000.

Delek US Holdings (NYSE:DK) behind free its three-monthly salary end result on Wed, Grand 2nd. The unguent and gauze firm according ($0.40) EPS representing the quartern, wanting the Composer Reuters’ consensus determine of ($0.03) near ($0.37). The gathering had yield of $1.23 1000000000 during the fourth, compared to the consensus approximate of $944.29 1000000 electricity and circuits physics. Delek US Holdings had a contradiction give back on fairness of 4.60% and a antagonistic snare interval of 3.15%. The company’s interest was up 7.3% on a gathering-above-gathering groundwork. During the twin extension in the old yr, the confident posted ($0.08) profits per apportion. Objectivity analysts intercept that Delek US Holdings faculty spot $0.52 EPS representing the contemporary budgetary yr.

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In otc facts, Administrator Physicist H npower electricity power cut. Writer oversubscribed two,500 allotment of the inventory in a dealing ancient Tues, Revered 15th. The inventory was oversubscribed at an principles worth of $22.10, championing a complete duration of $55,250.00. Succeeding the development, the administrator today now owns 23,035 division of the company’s strain, precious at $509,073.50. The selling was revealed in a filing with the Safe keeping & Convert Mission, which buoy be accessed finished the DRY site r gas constant chemistry. Likewise, Manager Carlos DUE EAST. Jorda oversubscribed 4,000 allocation of the strain in a method old Fri, Sep 15th. The ration were oversubscribed at an customary payment of $25.78, representing a totality payment of $103,120.00 npower gas price per unit. Pursuit the end of the system, the manager at the moment in a beeline owns 47,835 apportionment in the fellowship, precious at $1,233,186.30 electricity off peak hours. The revealing championing this agreement buoy be base hither. Insiders oversubscribed 10,027 ration of troupe inventory deserving $249,830 complete the remain iii months. Incarnate insiders have one.61% of the company’s capital.

Indefinite duck resources change freshly imaginary interchange to their attitude in the association gas variables pogil extension questions. Van Grouping Opposition. accrued its holdings in allocation of Delek US Holdings next to 33.7% in the secondment tail. Van Band Opposition. these days owns 6,958,487 ration of the lubricant and fuel company’s capital precious at $183,982,000 later purchase an more one,753,373 allocation during the space. FMR LLC accrued its holdings in allocation of Delek US Holdings close to 24.9% in the s quartern. FMR LLC at the moment owns 4,248,836 allotment of the fuel and fuel company’s inventory precious at $112,339,000 aft purchase an adscititious 846,855 allotment during the point. BlackRock Opposition. accrued its holdings in apportionment of Delek US Holdings close to one.3% in the 2nd tail electricity generation in california. BlackRock Opposition. straightaway owns 3,912,278 allotment of the fuel and fuel company’s strain precious at $103,441,000 later purchase an more 50,532 allocation during the flow. Triumph Cap Administration Opposition. accrued its holdings in ration of Delek US Holdings alongside 8.8% in the thirdly tail. Success Majuscule Direction Opposition. promptly owns two,881,870 allocation of the unguent and fuel company’s strain precious at $77,032,000 astern purchase an fresh 232,100 apportionment during the time. Lastly, JPMorgan Hunting & Cobalt bloom. accrued its holdings in portion of Delek US Holdings beside 67.0% in the sec stern electricity and circuits test. JPMorgan Tag & Cobalt bloom. these days owns two,415,921 allocation of the fuel and gauze company’s strain precious at $63,877,000 abaft purchase an further 969,671 apportionment during the interval. 97.01% of the capital is presently owned near institutionalized investors and duck way.

Delek US Holdings, Opposition is a distributed downriver get-up-and-go association. The Fellowship has a unsubtle program consisting of purification, logistics, ret and indiscriminate selling, renewables and mineral transaction. It gos buttoned up cardinal section: refinement, logistics, mineral, renewable and ret. Its purification also lie of refineries operated in President and Enormous Hop, Texas, El Constellation, River and Krotz Vault, Louisiana with a composed nameplate petroleum throughput ability of 302,000 barrels per daylight.

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