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As my Corsa is an ’07 plate, I’ve been cursed with the 26/06/2006 model of the unit, which unfortunately means no stereo aux in, although I have found n gas in paris lyrics a way to get aux in from a mono source – if anyone’s interested I’ll post up some nice pictures and make a tutorial at a later date, the solution’s a bit of a hack at the moment. In the hope that the newer models with the actual aux-in pins share most of the circuit as my model, I’ve bagged a radio off eBay from a ’10 plate, which I’ll be opening up the same as I’ve already done to mine.

My theory is that the newer model (??/10/2006 onwards) will have the same electricity sources usa PCB and components as the 06/2006 model, albeit more of them will be populated, as there are a couple spots for ICs which are empty and plenty of solder points for passive components. If this is the case, enabling the aux in on the q gas station older models will be a case of soldering on some components, and flashing the NEC processor and the electricity lessons 4th grade EEPROM, and this is where I need some help.

I’ve managed to source a decent datasheet for the NEC processor, and secure a couple EEPROM dumps, however now I’m stumped. In a hex editor, I can make out some software dates, code indexes, saved radio station names, etc. but there seems to be a lack of consistency between dumps, and I have no idea how to decipher the rest of the gibberish. As well as this, the lack of a proper schematic to help, I’m stuck spending hours with a multimeter doing continuity tests c gastronomie traiteur avis to try and map out traces and see what connects to where.

So this is where I have gas station in spanish to ask – I’m aware that the administrator of this site has some software which can extract information from EEPROM dumps, but I’m not here to ask for it; I’m doing this as a challenge, and getting the answer without trying doesn’t seem right to me. Plus, it’s being used commercially so it would be unfair for me to ask for it anyway. Instead, I would very much appreciate if possible, some information about various offsets in the EEPROM dump, for things such as hardware info, security code, program/code/?? indexes, anything possible. As well as this, if anyone is kind enough to share the service manual for this electricity news australia radio (if it even exists that is…) I would very much appreciate it and it would be a great help for my project, along with whatever info there might be for the SAF7730HV.

I am working on the repair of a navi unit from a 2009 Hummer H3 (Delphi GMT gas approximation 345TNF), and I could identify that the main board of this factory radio has a short after the pin of the voltage regulator electricity nw which is feeding the DSP (the same IC indicated by you, SAF7730HV/212, a Dirana dual IF car radio/audio Digital Signal Processor NXP SAF7730HV/212).

I am also trying to find the datasheet and typical circuit, but no luck so far. The pinout you posted here is of great help, thank you. May I ask you the model of the another radio with the same IC you found and where to find schematics? I am looking electricity demand for the specs of the resistors, capacitors and inductors that are around the SAF7730HV, so that I can compare and try to identify the source of the short.

I tried the technical support of NXP but the answer was that The documents for SAF7730HV are not provided on the NXP website since the part m gasbuddy is obsolete. Once the product is pulled out the devices are supported only till the warranty on the last shipped product expires. Did you order this part from any of our distributor? In which case they are setup to support the technical questions i feel electricity in my body. I apologize for the inconvenience caused due to an obsolete part.. This is obviously bull shit. Before the discontinuance, they would probably answer that the datasheet was available only to approved developers, protected by confidentiality.