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This is a UK which has lived in the shadow of a German invasion since the Germans finished off the Russians (’44?’45?’46?) and unified the continent under their control. I think the average Brit would be a wee bit more gas x dosage for dogs concerned about the German Menace than the White Man’s Burden in Kenya. (If the British haven’t come to some sort of understanding with the Indians by ’48, they’re dumber than I think they are).

I’d imagine the UK by the late 40’s is a garrison state with a million man standing army and a horrendous arsenal of chemical weapons to use on any invaders that try to force their tank-trap and land-mine lined beaches. They’ve also spent years kissing US butt till their lips are chapped in an effort to get a solid US commitment to defending the UK from German attack. If they get the bomb first, the temptation to put an end to the menace while they have a chance – before the germans get their own nuclear deterrent – will be pretty strong and mostly constrained by issues such as production rates and means of delivery.

During Barbarossa it was mentioned that cities like Moscow and Leningrad electricity trading hubs should be completely erased incl. their populations – as I understand to erase any traces of Soviet/Russian intelectuals and leadership potential. I have never heard of similar plans concerning the broad rural population, as far as I understand they were intended to provide slave labour for the master race German settlers.

Taking people on a forced transportation and denying them food and water can easily kill ideal gas questions people by the hundreds of thousands in very short time and the intent and guilt of the killers is not as obvious (Armenian genocide) although even the most incompetent bureaucrat of course would know that marching millions of people without enough water or food will kill much more effectively than gaschambers and firing squads.

If chemicals is to be used it probably would be more effective to have pesticides kill the crops than spraying villages with war gases. You need quite high concentrations in the air to kill people and in open air a high concentration can only be kept in very short time. In liquid form even small drops k electric jobs 2015 might be lethal if in skin contact, but it is not that easy to ensure that.

But the menace of the Nazis was not in every Nazi waking up each morning saying He-he, I wan’t to be evil today!. They actually believed that they had the right/obligation to be a master race and that they were doing the world a favour. In this context they would gas 93 octane probably have seen the Slavs as cattle, being proud of the most well bred examples and the prizes they would win on the yearly fair for their strong arms and empty eyes, but also killing all examples not being worth feeding or showing rebelious genes. That IMO isn’t any less scary than the total genocide version, but the German slave farmer would probably see himself as a great human acting in accordance with the laws of nature and kissing his children good night – the biggest crimes are often done with the best intentions.

Click to expand…Ford also built panzer tanks for the Nazis too. I believe up until US involvement in WWII. as for FDR doing nothing about the extermination in Germany. It is my understanding that he did want to do something about it but was hamstrung with the neutrality act. I believe he and Churchill tried to set up a scenerio where a german ship blows up an american ship giving us a reason to get involved in WWII. I believer there were physics c electricity and magnetism several times they met in secret to carry out a such plan. I’ve even heard conspiracy theories along the lines that he knew about the Japanese attacks and did little to prevent it to precisely get us involved in the war. What most people don’t realize that then, there was high opposition to the war in europe. It would have electricity and magnetism worksheets high school been political suicide for FDR to get us involved in WWII saying this is a war to liberate Germany or something like that. There would have been serious ramifications for this. You would have a war with no support, it was only until the japanese bombed Pearl Harbor did FDR have the support needed to get involved in WWII.