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The good news is that Shelby Harris decided to make a splash on the interior in this game. He was an absolute force in the middle and showed a lot of the power and impact play I that I saw from him last year that caused me to be a big fan of his. electricity facts for 4th graders I incorrectly noted that he dropped into coverage on the last play of the game when giving him a game ball. That’s sad because he didn’t at all. He was just a guy clogging up the middle and made a spectacular play on the ball. It was the kind of play you just don’t see that often in the NFL (probably because most NFL QBs know better than to throw a dumb ass pass like that…regardless of how lucky Ben Roethlisburger might like to make it sound like Harris was). Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Again, I’ll point out that Justin Simmons defensive play has taken a big step back this year. He seems to be a step behind a lot of pass plays that he’s in the area of. Some of our team thinks he’s just far better suited for SS than FS single high play. electricity of the heart I’m not sure about that at all. Last year early in the season he played single high just fine with Darian Stewart being the guy who couldn’t play SS, not the other way around. Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

I want to give a big shout out to Will Parks for his big play at the goal line. That was a frigging big man hit he put on Xavier Grimble that that dude won’t forget for the rest of his career. I love safeties that lay the wood (we miss you Steve Atwater and Dennis Smith!). That play alone makes me want to see Parks get more playing time. It was a very smart play by him…if you watch the replay he slows down across the goal line to line up the hit so that he would maximize the power of it. Offense

If he can increase his chemistry with the Broncos receiving corps, he can make this offense downright dangerous. electricity 1 7 pdf And yes, I do think this is absolutely possible given that this is his first year with the Broncos in a new system. Some of the soft opponents on the schedule in the short term will allow them opportunity to work on some of this under the bright lights where if the teams were tougher they may shy away from riskier routes.

Royce Freeman needs to step it up. Like big time. I know he’s a different back than Lindsay and has a different skillset. But let me just say that 2.8 ypc doesn’t hack it in the NFL. Just ask my buddy Lance Ball. His carries have gone down and it isn’t just because Lindsay is that good (he is), but because he’s just not being effective as the Thunder half of our Thunder and Lightning duo at RB. Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Phillip Lindsay is an absolute freaking disaster for NFL defenses. gas stoichiometry problems The guy has the quicks and the jets to make people look silly and he is doing it week after week. What is absolutely killing it for this guy is his great vision and him actually utilizing it. He doesn’t blaze through holes before the defense can react…he sees the holes before they open much like Terrell Davis used to. Unlike TD though, this kid has the speed that turns those holes into huge chunks of yards.

I also love that the guy talks so much trash on the field. LOVE IT. Every NFL team just looks better when they have a couple of dawgs on the field (S/O to my boy Aqib Talib). It blows me away that one of the dawgs on offense is a frigging undrafted rookie who’s straight scorching up defenses for absolutely nonsense numbers week after week. Receivers

I absolutely hated the TD on the fake field goal. I like that VJ harped on the 97 yard TD, but that ST TD was just as bad. That deep in the red zone, there’s just no reason not to have guys back to defend. It is too easy for kickers to make that kick at a higher angle than you can block. Keep some guys back and be prepared for anything. ag gaston birmingham 120 Final Thoughts

This season may end poorly or end well. I can tell you that this year I feel completely different about the Denver Broncos than I did last year. These players are competitive as hell. They have the talent and the means to win any game any week. I don’t think there was any point last year where I would have said that outside of before the season started and we were all chugging the kool aid.