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Derry Borough is regulated by zoning ordinances and other ordinances that set forth standards, procedures and requirements for building, reconstruction, and use of all buildings within the Borough. Derry Borough also is regulated by the Uniform Construction Code. At times for new construction you will need two permits, both Zoning and Building Permits. Our Borough codes govern the use of all land and buildings. Currently a third party provider (Building Inspection Underwriters) enforce building codes, review all applications, and perform inspections, while reviewing our borough violations. Listed are some common zoning and building code rules:

• Home owners are responsible for the care and maintenance of trees and shrubs which are located on their property and those which abut their property. It is important to keep trees or shrubs maintained that can affect the line of sight for vehicular traffic.

• Accessory structures such as storage sheds, pools, garages and fences require a building and zoning permit. Maintenance items such as new roof shingles new windows, replacing anything existing does not require a zoning permit. Permits are required for all new construction and any changes structurally to your current residence. (Ord. 725)

The Borough of Derry will accept applications for Part-time Police Officers Flexibility is essential and weekends a must. Act 120 and experience preferred. Applications may be obtained and accepted at the Derry Borough Office, 114 East Second Avenue, Derry PA 15627 from 8AM-4PM, Monday-Friday. Pollutant Reduction Plan Derry Community Park Project Drawings Best Management Practices for Storm Water in Derry Borough

Derry Borough Council and the Public Works Department is asking all residents to refrain from putting your grass clippings on the street. The reason is to assist with our sediment control of our storm drains as a Best Management Practice to eliminate clogging of our storm drainage system. Recently, we had our streets swept in a cooperative shared service agreement with the City of Latrobe and found that almost 50% of collections were grass clippings. Please know that it is against Derry Code to dispose of any solid waste in our streets due to stormwater BMP’s and grass clippings are considered a solid waste. This type of waste is pushed into our storm sewers and impedes the flow of rain and stormwater in our system causing back-ups and possibly flooding concerns. We appreciate all residents who assist us with good practice of lawn care. 2016 Unconventional Gas Well Fund Usage Report Reimagining Our Westmoreland

Westmoreland County is in the process of establishing a new long term vision and community plan for our area by engaging citizens, businesses, and civic leaders to partner together to create a prosperous and viable county. Please take the time to review their site and get involved.

“The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) recently re-mapped most of the country using 100-year flood projections, resulting in many homes being designated in flood zones which were never there before, despite many of these homes never or rarely having experienced flooding,” Commissioner Miller said. “If the mortgage on a home is backed by the federal government, which many are, then the homeowner must buy flood insurance.”

To appeal a home’s placement in what is officially called a Special Flood Hazard Area, the homeowner must show the lowest adjacent grade, or the lowest ground touching the structure, is at or above what is called the Base Flood Elevation. The Base Flood Elevation is the computed elevation to which flood water is anticipated to rise during the base flood used in determining the land is in a Special Flood Hazard Area.

Homeowners can get more information on how to appeal a flood zone designation, get a flood map, and find answers to other questions, by going to Homeowners can also call 1-877-FEMA-MAP (1-877-336-2627) to get information on appealing a flood zone designation.

As part of Governor Wolf’s continuing consumer education and protection initiative, the Insurance Department earlier this year created a one-stop shop webpage on flood insurance. Consumers can access this webpage by going to, then clicking on the “Flood” icon under Top Pages. This flood insurance webpage includes information on private insurance options for homeowners, as well as information on the federal government run National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). HARRISBURG, Pa., April 4, 2016 /PRNewswire-USNewswire Derry Station Parks and Heritage Trails Community Design Workshop Homeowners Stormwater Management Guide 2015 Unconventional Gas Well Fund Usage Report Industrial Property Available for Purchase in Derry Borough