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Our working environment is changing more rapidly and radically than ever before. These days everything is agile, smart and collaborative. Offices are becoming work spaces, meetings are called stand-ups and nobody wants to work in the cubicle farm any longer. Professional and private areas are merging increasingly. h gas l gas unterschied You can work flexibly in a smart work space or home office, you enjoy flat hierarchies and look forward to yoga at work. These are the latest trends – and the current chair designs from WAGNER are also following this direction.

“It was a perfectly normal work day for designer and inventor Stephan Meyer. He sat in his studio as usual, suffering from back pain as he often did. physics c electricity and magnetism Then the idea came to him to provide a cushion with an elastic foam band that would move the user in three dimensions while sitting. He thought this could reduce his pain – an idea that would turn out to be a spectacular success.

Together with Peter Wagner and material specialists from the automotive industry, this idea became what might be the sturdiest, most comfortable component to uncouple an office chair from what was then a rigid mechanism and allow it to sway freely. Stephan Meyer called the concept Dondola ® in reference to the Italian word ‘dondolare’ – to swing, rock or dangle.”

Pikitup Johannesburg (SOC) Ltd is the official integrated waste management service provider to the City of Joburg. They are mandated to provide integrated waste management services to the residents of Johannesburg. They employ more than 4500 people, using more than 200 trucks to provide refuse collection services to the City of Joburg’s private, and business residents.

Cecil Nurse fitted out 5 floors of furniture with beautiful crisp white workstations and different colour accents on each floor. Our Head office range, accompanied by our Ritz Chairs made the Offices modern, executive & maximised space. Our Brainstorm boardroom tables worked so well, with the colourful plexi glass centre to fit the corporate look & feel. Domino tables in their Function areas – for durability, and adaptable churns for different meetings. Win Mesh Backs were used throughout the Open Plan and Meeting areas – for comfortable, ergonomic seating and a fresh new look. gas hydrates Pause areas had a mix of comfy ottomans & Pepe coffee tables, as well as dining werzalit tables with Cool Chairs. Bobo bar stools for a quick Coffee were ideal.

A December installation is never easy – our Cecil Nurse team was nothing less than fantastic. Our installation & delivery teams worked day & night to get the project finished with a very short lead time. Working together works! We got the project finished by annual shut down and the final office space looked fresh, and was a great success.

Cecil Nurse was requested to space-plan, design and furnish 6 Buildings based in Johannesburg, more importantly we were requested to please assist in providing the same chairs as what had been provided at their HQ in China, Shenzhen. gastroparesis Cecil Nurse was up against a few other office furniture suppliers, We came out on top, we were given the contact as we are the leading office furniture suppliers in Africa. We have signed a 5 year contract with Huawei South Africa.

When we started the project they initially wanted a ergonomic chair with head and foot rest, we suggested the Enjoy, Vivo or DHL. The client came back to us with a picture of the IOO, as they have this in their HQ in Shenzhen, and the journey of the IOO chairs began. gas x ultra strength during pregnancy It took us a while to get the deal from Huawei, once the deal was secured it was a very long process from ordering the chairs in China Shenzhen, waiting for them to be manufactured and then transported to Guangzhou to the harbour for the long trek to South Africa, once the chairs arrived at Durban harbour, they were collected by trucks and the 9 containers made their way by road to Johannesburg to be delivered to Cecil Nurse Head Office in Germiston. Once the containers were offloaded, the project took off, Cecil Nurse’s warehouse staff were super excited to learn how to assemble the new chair on the block that everyone is talking about, The novelty wore off very quickly after assembling +/-500 chairs but still pushed through, 2400 chairs made their way from our Head Office to the various locations.

Due to the hard work put into this project, from Melanie going back and forth with China and Herbert on the phone to comfort in China every day, to our planning department, admin, service, assembling team and the delivery team the result has been tremendous, the team work put into this project was absolutely phenomenal, This volumes that we handled passing into and out the warehouse was a huge success and to get the chairs to their various locations day in and out, All of this was done with no hiccups thank you to The two Thomas’s in our service team, an absolute honour to have gentlemen like that working with your clients and sales consultants daily and absolutely none of the above would of been possible without Mr Juan Koen, his OCD tendencies were really appreciated, he has kept absolutely everything under control, from my nerves to all the paperwork to all the planning, e-mails, making sure all the assembling was going to schedule to absolutely everything and still try to keep a team going. I really appreciate everything he did to assist and to guide me every step of the way. I have learnt so much through this project and honestly could never have done it without HIM!!!!!

Cecil Nurse was requested to space-plan, design and furnish Consulmets’ new corporate Head office building. The existing building they were in was to small to accommodate the company growth, the furniture was also out dated. Consulmet wanted a fresh, calm feeling for their new building. national gas average 2007 Most staff members were used to having there own space/ office and were now moving to an open plan environment , Cecil Nurse had to take this into decision and design the open plan to accommodate the maximum amount of people without the feeling of overcrowding. Each Director decided they wanted to choose their own furniture as each of them have their own opinion and management styles.

Benchwork is a always a good solution to an open plan area, as the product is so multi functional. Due to most of the staff having their own office we decided to give them larger desks than usual in an open plan, while keeping the space of the room in mind, so we chose 1600×1600 core desk tops and desk height pedestals. The glass dividers give the illusion of not being boxed in, while the core top gives them ample desk space. The pigeon hole units were used to section of each department, keeping in line with the them of open plan but at the same time creating closed off area’s.

Consulmet is two floors, and they wanted a distinct separation between the two, Ground floor is admin, accounts and meetings, and first floor is sales, marketing and Directors. Due to Consulmet designing their building around a construction/ steel environment we chose dark oak and light oak for the floor separation, this created an earthy feel in order for the metal and rock wall features to stand out.