Design line thumb arthritis splint gas in dogs symptoms

Both the 3pp Design Line Thumb Splint and the 3pp ThumSling splints are designed to support the base joint of your thumb to reduce arthritis pain. The 3pp Design Line Thumb splint strap wraps from the back of your hand and then around your thumb to support and position your thumb comfortably. The 3pp Design Line Thumb Splint offers an alternative to other “orthopedic” splints by adding a touch of style.

The 3pp Design Line Thumb Splint provides moderate support and is ideal if you have occasional pain or pain caused by certain activities. The splint is easy to put on and take off and fits in a purse or pocket so it’s handy when you need it.

The 3pp Design Line Thumb splint can be worn day and/or night to relieve CMC thumb arthritis pain. If your pain is severe enough to wake you when you sleep, you may want to purchase a firmer splint such as the Mueller Thumb Stabilization Splint for nighttime wear. It is not unusual to use a splint for daytime activities and one to rest your hand or thumb at night.

For those with severe thumb pain that is not relieved with splinting or rest, we recommend that you discuss your pain with your health care provider or seek the advice of a hand specialist who may be able to direct you to other treatments that could help reduce your pain. Thumb arthritis can worsen overtime and waiting too long to seek treatment can lead to more severe symptoms that may require surgery. While a thumb splint may lessen your pain and delay progression, it is not a substitute for medical or surgical treatment.

I would like to retract my glowing review of your zebra print wrist brace. I’ve only had it for two months. From less than a month of wearing it, I appreciated the other reviews that said that the Velcro needed improvement. I’m so disappointed with this purchase, and EMBARRASSED that I recommended it to my EDS groups. Less than a month of light wear, and I had to PIN the thumb strap in place because I can no longer sew, otherwise I would have sewn it in place since it wouldn’t stay. The pin catches on everything obviously, defeating the purpose of that junk piece of Velcro. Now, less than two months after purchase, the strap hasn’t stayed in place for weeks. I have to feed the end under the strap just to get through a few hours without it letting go and/or catching on something. My hands are very bad or I wouldn’t have bought it, so this is a difficulty and a hardship to me. The main Velcro patch has been lifted for a while, and catches on everything but the brace itself. I’m disgusted with the "quality" of the Velcro and of the fabric itself. It’s covered in pills, and was within a few weeks. For the money that you have the nerve to charge people in pain, you could at least provide a better quality product. I’m not sure how to resolve this problem, but I have posted a true review where I did actually recommend your product. I hope to hear from you with some resolution to this unfortunate purchase. I would have been better off with a crap Futuro or a brace for half the price from Amazon.

OMA: Ms. Sutton – Thank you for your feedback. Our mission at OMA is to provide our customers with well designed, quality products to make the performance of daily activities easier, less painful, and more comfortable. With that said, we hear you loud and clear and apologize for your experience. Based on your feedback, our quality control team is discussing your concern with the manufacturer. A member of our customer service team will be contacting you shortly to discuss your purchase and to help resolve this issue for you.