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"Are you willing to give Leviticus a chance?" That is the question that drives this in-depth and intensive study guide on Leviticus. is there a gas station near me Scott Behm, California Lawyer and Covenant Seminary graduate, teamed up with Jay Sklar, Covenant Seminary professor and Commentary-on-Leviticus writer, to give Bible students a roomy, 236 page softback workbook through Leviticus. The book is set up for individual use as well as group study, and ideal for older teens, young adults, empty-nesters, and the hoary-haired. It’s friendly on the eyes and fuel for the soul!

"Leviticus Bible Study" is a 29-week investigation that works through each chapter from two angles. f gas regulations 2015 The lion’s share of the material is for individual preparation to be digested piecemeal through the week. There are reflection questions, a prayer, queries to be answered, applications and ways to respond. Did I mention that it’s roomy, with loads of space to jot down answers and thoughts? The second part of each study is for when a group regathers. The authors give the leader a roughly three-page lesson plan, with suggested "times" for each segment. electricity symbols ks2 This Bible study is ready to hit the ground running! The only other things needed are Sklar’s IVP commentary, a Bible, a little water, maybe some olive oil. Then shake it up good and pour it out on the cookie sheet and you’ve got everything necessary for a delicious fare!

But wait! Maybe you or your group don’t have the time to invest for 29-weeks! Fear not, be not dismayed! The authors have mapped out seven options for shorter studies. They have charted, in detail, seven 12-week studies that a person or parish can pursue based on specific topics. There’s the 12-week study on "Understanding Leviticus." Another on "The Gospel in Leviticus." Also "Jesus in Leviticus." Then "Sacrifice and Worship in Leviticus." Not so surprising, they also have "Holiness in Leviticus." A group could work through "Community and Ministry in Leviticus." Lastly, "Ethics and Mission in Leviticus." All of the coordinates are listed on pages 7-11 for safe sailing through each of this topical studies. bad gas 6 weeks pregnant Behm and Sklar have worked extra hard to make it possible for you to say "yes" to their question: "Are you willing to give Leviticus a chance?"

"Leviticus Bible Study" broke water and came up for air in May 2018. It’s rip-roaring and ready to go. gas 66 Are you looking for the next adventure in your women’s Bible study? Wondering what to jump into for your High School class? Trying to figure out a way you could teach a college course on Leviticus? Wanting to know Jesus more clearly, love him more dearly, and follow him more nearly, day by day? Give Leviticus a chance, and snatch up a copy of this study guide as quick as you can. You won’t be disappointed!

My delighted gratitude goes to Jay Sklar for the free copy of this study guide. After he saw my review of his IVP commentary, he asked if I’d be interested in evaluating this workbook. gas stoichiometry practice I jumped at the chance and asked him to send me a copy. There were no strings attached, no diktats or directives. Sklar simply wanted an honest review, which is what I have given.