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On this occasion, President Sang granted an exclusive interview to Chinese journalists gas meter car based in Hanoi on a range of issues, from prospects of the two nations’ relations in the future to economic and trade potentials, and the way to deal with and address sea issues between Vietnam and China. Question: H.E. State President, please give your assessment on the current relationship between China and Vietnam and prospects for the ties in the future? Do you have any suggestions to further strengthen the comprehensive strategic cooperation between the two countries?

Answer: Vietnam and China are two close neighbouring countries, whose peoples have a long-standing traditional friendship. During the cause of national liberation and construction in each country, they offered each other precious and efficient support. The Party, State and people of Vietnam … [Read more…] about Vietnam attaches importance to developing ties with China DTiNews

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Hanoi Times – Over the past few years, Hanoi has attracted nearly 600 investment projects in all sectors. Many projects have the total investment of more than USD 10 billion each. Here are some important projects that are operating in Hanoi. SATO VIETNAM Sato Vietnam is 100% Japanese-owned company, located at Plot B2 Thang Long Industrial Park – Dong Anh district – Hanoi (about 15 km from Hanoi city). The company is a pioneer in introducing one of the first hand-held labelers and operates as an international supplier of labeling machinery. Sato developed the world’s first thermal transfer barcode printers and became the leader in introducing the technology to the market. The project was approved on September 6th 2004 with the duration of 43 years and the total investment of US$ 11,666,000 including the legal capital of US$ 6,500,000 and US$ 5,166,000 of loan. YAMAHA MOTOR PARTS MANUFACTURING Yamaha Motor Parts Manufacturing is a foreign company with 100 static electricity in the body effects% … [Read more…] about On-going projects (part 1) – On-going projects – Investment

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Viet Nam News Many farmers who farm in hi-tech ways do not fully understand what hi-tech agriculture is all about. This is the opinion of experts. The experts say that if the farmers knew more, they could produce more food. Most successful hi-tech farming in Viet Nam happens in the Central Highlands province of Lam Dong. HÀ NỘI – Many farmers in the nation’s most advanced province in hi-tech agricultural production have a limited understanding what it actually means, experts say. This also limits the province’s ability to fully tap gas natural fenosa the potential for hi-tech agriculture, they add. With its considerable advantages in land and climate conditions, the Central Highlands province of Lâm Đồng is leading the country in developing hi-tech agricultural production. However the province lacks comprehensive technology planning, leaving its potential for higher productivity and better product quality untapped, according to Nguyễn Trúc Bồng Sơn, director of the province’s Agriculture … [Read more…] about Farmers go hi-tech

Viet Nam News Dương Văn Học, who has been a solo puppet artist most of his life is still busy with the art. He has maharashtra electricity e bill payment, in fact, started a puppet museum at his home in Nha Trang City. Most of his puppets are models of Vietnamese heroes and animals. To keep up with the times, he has to bring things that are to do with modern life into his puppet shows. At the age of 75, artist Dương Văn Học, who is well known as a pioneer in contemporary solo puppetry in Việt Nam, is still busy performing, teaching and writing about puppetry and managing a small puppetry museum in the coastal city of Nha Trang in Khánh Hòa Province. Early this year, his private Contemporary Solo Puppetry Museum, the first of its kind in the country, was opened at his house on 92B Dương Hiến Quyền Street, Nha Trang City. The museum is said to be a long-nurtured dream of Học who has identified himself with puppetry for over 30 years. During the early stage eseva electricity bill payment of his career, Học used to work as a dance scriptwriter … [Read more…] about Solo puppeteer keeps going

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At the anniversary, on behalf of Phu Yen children, deputy secretary of the provincial youth union cum chairwoman of the provincial team council, Mrs. Le Thi Thanh Bich, let known, in the past 75 years, the team organizations at all levels have been non-stop consolidated and constructed in a more solid way. Currently, the entire province has 281 inter-teams gas definition, with more than 122,000 members and children. In the past time, lots of children’s tender bamboo shoot works which are all efficient and strongly widespread all over the society, like the work, 1,000 addresses to add strength for your schooling, 1,000 shadows for children to go to school:, small plan houses, 280 safe addresses; 75 bikes to help children to go to school, …all of which contribute to … [Read more…] about Creating favorable conditions for children to comprehensively develop

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