Dha exam requirements for nurses a guide to nursing registration in dubai hp gas online payment


Dubai is the most populous city (about 2.1million and projected to rise to 3.5million in 2020) in the Emirati kingdom and the second largest city after Abu Dhabi in term of landmass. Although the official language is Arabic, English language is widely spoken as about 83% of the citizens are foreigners with Indians alone constituting 53%. (United Arab Emirate is a country with 7states/emirates. Abu Dhabi is the largest and capital of UAE and to work in this emirate, you must be licensed by the Health Authority of Abu Dhabi (HAAD). To work in the emirate of Sharjah,Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Fujairah and Ras Al Khaimah, you need to be licensed by the Ministry of Health (MOH) .

On the last page, download the AUTHORIZATION letter, sign it and upload it back with your particulars and date. On getting to the payment section, you need to pay 210 AED ( about 11,500naira) online as the application fees. Then wait for 6 weeks for the evaluation of your credentials. Next you will receive an email to validate your application.

After validation, you will be required to pay for the Primary Source Verification which entails DHA verifying your educational qualifications, experience certificate and professional license. You will be sent an email with a link to pay 724AED (about 39,500 naira) for the primary source verification. Your educational qualifications, working experience and professional qualifications are verified from the issuing authorities.

Before you can be issued a practicing license by DHA, you must have a Labour Card ( check below for how to get a labour card). With your ELIGIBILITY LETTER, you can find a job as many hospitals, clinics and homes are looking for nurses with eligibility letter to employ.

Next is to look for job in Dubai. If you are offshore, you can use different online job portals. The most popular ones to search for jobs in Dubai are: www.dubblizledubai.com, www.gulftalent.com, www.gulf-times.com,www.bayt.com,dubaijobber.com,monstergulf.com,jobs123.com, www.jobsearch.naukri.com, www.indeed.ae, www.waytogulf.com, among others. Some of the jobs may require nurses from specific countries while others might not. Just keep applying to as much as possible job position you qualified for. Male nursing jobs in Dubai are not much available.

1. A written job offer or employment contract: Make sure you read and understands the terms and conditions of job contract. Ensure that it is stamped and signed or on official letter headed paper of the hospital. The hospital that employed you will begin the process of applying for your employment visa as they will serve as your sponsor.

2. Your sponsor: The hospital employing you will serve as your sponsor. Once the necessary documents have been submitted by your employer, you will be contacted by the United Arab Emirates Immigration Department to confirm that your information has been received by your sponsor.

3. Your health card: You will have to undergo a medical examination before this card can be issued. You will be tested for HIV, Hepatitis A,B and C and Tuberculosis. These tests are conducted in designated hospitals in Dubai after which you go to the Department of Health and Medical services with the result and two passport sized photos and two photocopies of your international passport for the issuance of the Health Card.

4. Labour Card: You cannot work in Dubai without a labour card. To get your labour card, go to the ministry of labour office with a passport-sized photo, three copies of your employment contract, photocopies of your entry visa, health card and a copy of your employer’s labour license which can be gotten from your employer.

Experience greatly influence income in Dubai; your qualification, your position, or whether you are employed by the government or private institutions determine how much you will take home at the end of the month. According to payscale.com, the average salary per year for nurses is 85,031 AED per year. Gulfemploy.com has it that the least paid nurses in Dubai part home with 2,500 AED at the end of the month while 10,000 AED is the upper pay for nurses in the city.

On the other hand, DHA is the agency responsible for developing an integrated and sustainable healthcare system that ensures delivery of comprehensive and excellent services to achieve the highest international standards in health of individuals and community in Dubai.

Until lately, medical staff could only work in the Emirate they have a license for and needed to start a new assessment procedure if they moved to a health facility in another emirate, e.g. if you have a license issued by the DHA, you can only work in Dubai and needs to have a new license issued by another authorized agency if you wish to work in another Emirate – a process that could take up to two months.

The licensing procedure had always been the leading problem for medical practitioners because although there is no deficiency of eligible medical professionals wanting to work in the UAE, hiring them for employment can take up several months due to the complicated licensing system.

Now, through the signed memorandum of DHA and HAAD, if any medical professional wishes to work in another Emirate, he has to simply apply for the license from the appropriate authorities, which will be given without any other examination and assessment tests.