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The 34-year-old continued, “People were surprised that I was going to direct this movie while I was pregnant, and I guess I felt it was important to not delay production and to actually go do it, because I wanted to show people that pregnancy is not a disability, and a pregnant lady can be in a position of power and crazy sh*t won’t happen. And we made it.”

“There is some major league discrimination that freaks out Hollywood decision makers regarding hiring women with kids, women who are pregnant or women who could potentially become pregnant as directors,” Diablo Cody continued. “I’ve had directors tell me they have lied and not revealed they were pregnant to get a job. It’s just bullsh*t and is one place where the double standard between male and female roles in our culture is amplified.”

When asked about the debates surrounding Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, the mother of Marcello said with exasperation, “Nobody would ever care if a male CEO was expecting a child–or frankly if a male director was expecting a child. I’ve worked with a lot of directors who had babies on the way or had them at home, and nobody ever said, ‘What are you doing here on set?’”

“What really made me angry was there was an article about Marissa Mayer and the writer said that she couldn’t imagine that Mayer was sleeping with her baby in the same room as her. Was she just making that assumption because Marissa Mayer is a powerful woman and has a career? Because I’m a powerful woman with a career, and my baby sleeps in bed with me every night, and I breastfeed, and I do all those wonderful motherly nurturing things — and I have a really badass high-profile job. You can do both things.”

While I’ve never personally worked in Hollywood, I don’t think Diablo Cody is exaggerating her experiences. I’ve chosen not to disclose my pregnant status twice when applying for jobs. One was designated as short-term employment, so it might not have mattered anyway, but the other wasn’t. Desperate to make some money before my son’s arrival, I didn’t feel I could risk them skipping me over if I was upfront about it.

I’m a teacher and my job was secure when I went off on mat leave but I was looking for a new job within our board this year. Staffing happens in April and I was due May 3, so if I did receive an offer it’d be for Sept ’12 and I’m not returning until April ’13. Job postings came out on April 17, I applied to four positions that day, my water broke the 18 and I had my daughter the 19th after 10pm at night. At 9am on the 20th I received an email offering me an interview on Monday the 23rd. Then another one, and then another one. I did three job interviews on that Monday, less than four days after giving birth. I was exhausted but I got through it, and I did disclose that I was going to be on maternity leave until the following April. I was offered one of the jobs, luckily my first pick. When I apologized that she’d now have to hire a second teacher to cover until I was back, which meant more interviews for her, she replied, “I’m not as concerned when you start the job, I just want the right fit for the kids, and you’re it. And besides, I have many great temp (occasional) teachers I can now offer work to while you’re on mat leave”. Such an awesome outlook – I’m looking forward even more to returning to work in that environment now!

My first interview came when I was just around 13 weeks. It was for a full-time position at a credit union. I felt it extremely dishonest to NOT disclose that I was pregnant. The interview went well, but I noticed a marked difference in questions after I told the interviewer. I did not get the position.

Upset, because savings was running out quickly, my next interview was at a gas station. Also full-time but second shift, on my own and the pay was absolutely ridiculous – $7.40/hr. But I was desperate. I was four months along now without any income. ANY income. I did not disclose I was pregnant. I tried to stick this job out because I needed it but I started to have trouble with my psiatic nerve. I literally would get off work and be unable to walk up my stairs at home. I had to quit.

My last interview was at a hospital, working in the cafeteria. I was interviewed while I was 8 months pregnant. I, again, did not have to say I was pregnant because it was all too clear. The questions were less about my work experience and skills and more on when was my due date, how much maternity leave was I going to take, did I have any complications? Things that should NOT have ben asked. Again, did not receive the job.