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A few interesting things emerging from the Judgement. Firstly, Miller (the IHC practitioner) had explained to the Court at trial electricity towers in japan that traces of unknown DNA may have come into contact with the shirt from someone sneezing. Later the Court refers to the ‘vast’ [para 343] distance between where the shirts spots were in order to indicate that there was no accidental contamination of either spot by Christine. The Court dismisses electricity production by state evidence of intruders in the house because of its belief that CNS is proven to be on the shirt, of course no one can now say that CNS is human and it’s link to Christine by way of her DNA being found on the shirt has many scientific papers in support of ‘spousal’ DNA exchange. However suspect male DNA under both deceased persons nails the Court felt was electricity generation by source of no moment, nor the lights being on at the house around 11pm shortly after the computer was turned off and at a time a neighbour noticed a sliding door open. The Court also attributed the ‘savagery’ of the attack to ML despite there is not a single instance of him having ever been violent, being prosecuted for violence, or police called to the address as the result of domestic disturbances.

The facts in the case are so stark that no one ever wants them electricity sources in us to emerge for the public gaze. The facts prove Mark Lundy never left Petone until mid morning August 31 2000. You have said as much on your website because you came to understand the case. The question then arises whether anyone is correct when they have analysed the case with publicly gas vs electric stove available information as you have, and says they are certain of his guilt gas in texas. To apply the proviso the law requires the judges to be sure of his guilt and to state it.

They did state this accordingly, to satisfy the terms of the proviso, but not to serve the far more noble cause of actual justice. This is the greatest miscarriage of justice in modern New Zealand history by several measures, including a crime free history of the defendant, factual innocence, and multiple instances where the police are shown to have made false statements, as shown in the electricity outage austin notebooks in the possession of the defence.

And of course none of this is of any account because there is a need to tame the public, beat them into submission on pain of imprisonment according to legal niceties. Any legal action against a party who attempts to educate the public on all facets electricity projects in pakistan of this terrible sin against reason and science, would present an opportunity so far denied by a gutless New Zealand media to illuminate the victaulic t gasket case. This would be of no help to the supreme court and its position of respect in the community. Every current member is complicit in the case in some fashion, just one found the fortitude to write in the true interests of the defendant, and this is Ellie France, who essentially said the probative value of the mRNA evidence was so powerful that it should not be admitted unless it was proven science. This alone says the proviso gas vs electric oven review should not have been applied by the appeal court, so why was it, if not to calm the New Zealand public? Does the life of Mark Lundy have any account in this process? The answer apparently is a resounding negative.