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The Volksoper is a wonderful theatre offering top class productions. And good seats are much more affordable than the Staatsoper. The customers are largely Viennese (rather than tourists) and includes smart immaculately behaved young people, which is lovely to see. Access from the city centre is easy and fast using public transport, eg from Karlsplatz take U2 to Schottentor (fourth stop), then Tram 40 or 41 to Volksoper youtube gas pedal on Waehringer Strasse (fourth stop) – total journey time less than 30 minutes. We have visited the Volksoper on previous visits to Vienna. The Volksoper do some musicals each year as well as the main opera repertoire and this time we went to see the types of electricity tariff current production of Carousel. It was performed in German with no subtitles. Carousel is widely regarded as Rodgers and Hammerstein’s greatest single achievement musically and if you are into traditional musicals (and Carousel in particular), I think you would find it overall an outstanding production. For a start, the production is supported by the full Volksoper orchestra of 50+ players, which makes for a fabulous rich sound. I know that at home in the UK any commercial tour or London West End revival would offer no more than 15 to 20 players in the orchestra pit if you are lucky. I guess the same would also apply to any NY Broadway revival. The production has a very large cast gas in babies at night of singers and dancers, who perform superbly without amplification! It is an opera company after all. The production design is very clever and innovative without being extravagant, the costumes are lovely and the lighting excellent and creative. In addition, the production is very innovative and imaginative. Two examples illustrate this: Firstly the 6 minute overture is not performed in the conventional manner before the front of house curtain but instead is used to support a choreographed prologue on stage, which sets the scene and introduces the main characters. Secondly the musical Entra’cte to the second Act is performed as the whole orchestra pit rises lifting the players to stage level, fully lit, to celebrate the orchestra. I have electricity vs magnetism venn diagram never seen that done before and it was a magical moment. The score is the most operatic of RH and of course it is very much a musical drama, not a musical comedy. But all the tunes are great and the football anthem You’ll Never Walk Alone is much o gosh corpus christi more distinguished in its original setting. I speak some German and know Carousel well so the in German performance didn’t unduly worry me. My wife speaks no German but is familiar with Carousel and had her handkerchief out during the final scenes. Non German speakers should nevertheless be aware that there is still a lot of spoken dialogue in famous musicals gas city indiana car show. My only slight negative comment about this production is that perhaps the lyrics should have been kept in English as they are among the finest rhyming lyrics written by Hammerstein, the beauty of which is probably lost in translation. You’ll Never Walk Alone is actually sung in English in this production but all the other songs are in German. One final comment is that the musical treatment (style of playing etc) is certainly more restrained European rather than brash Broadway American. But we are in Vienna and it still works. We loved It.