Digging a deeper hole megsnotions gas relief while pregnant


Last night, someone lost control of his truck, hit (and broke) the curb on one end of my family’s property, ripped a street sign out of the ground, knocked out a mailbox, spun back into the road and ended up in a large shrubbery on the other end of the property, with one of the back wheels thrown several yards away. After hearing the thuds and burning rubber, I looked out my window to see the driver frantically trying to drive out of the bush and the hole he was in. He kept pressing down on the gas multiple times. The engine revved up and dirt flew into the sky. His efforts to drive away only deepened the hole that his remaining back wheel was in. He dug himself into a deeper hole.

When he realized that there was no hope of driving out of this predicament, he ran away on foot, thus digging himself into an even deeper hole, this time with the law. He ran fast and managed to get quite far away, but he was no match for a K-9 unit hot in pursuit of his scent. gas laws worksheet answers chemistry Fleeing the scene of a crime and trying to hide only adds another charge against him. He dug himself into a deeper legal hole.

Once the tow truck finally got the truck out of the shrubbery and the police left, a humbling thought came to me. How many times am I like the driver? How many times to I find myself in some sort of struggle or sin and keep frantically trying the same thing over and over again trying to escape? How many times do I try to “pull myself up by my own bootstraps?” How many times do I reply on my sheer willpower? And when I finally give up trying and trying and trying to fix the problem myself, how often do I run away? How often do I try to hide from all the shame? How many times do I dig myself into deeper holes?

Sure, sometimes I try good deeds. gas monkey monster truck driver But those deeds are often ruined by the stench of ulterior motives. Sometimes I try to just ignore the problem. But my mind always returns to it like a dog to its own vomit. Sometimes I try to rationalize and say my sin isn’t so bad. But the truth is that my hands are covered in blood and nothing I can do will wash me clean.

Of course, surrender isn’t easy. Even though I know that God knows all, it’s hard for me to admit things to Him and to just sit in His presence. gas tax It’s even harder to follow Him when He leads to tough conversations and situations. It’s also hard to admit my struggles with anyone around me, even those who seemingly want to help me. That has been especially evident the past few weeks. I know I’m not meant to carry my struggles alone but more times than not, I try to.

Art sometimes inspires art. I haven’t made any @SewPowerful purses since October and probably won’t be making many until the new year since I’m in Christmas crafting mode, but I really wanted to do this one. In October, I made several inspired by music and I kind of want to keep doing that for a bit, since music is so important to me. gas after eating yogurt One purse was inspired by the song "Priceless" by For King and Country and another was inspired by the current TØP era. This purse is inspired by the song "Polaris" by @RemedyDrive. There are several lines in this song that really stand out to me. The first one is short and sweet: "ripples turn to tidal waves." I can’t help but think that that line really fits @SewPowerful. The organization, the sewing cooperative in Zambia, the 3 Esthers Farm, and all the other different pieces of the project have grown exponentially over the course of the last few years. So has the number of people sewing. It’s amazing. God is so good. electricity notes pdf The second part of the song that really stands out to me is: "you use your pen when you don’t have a sword / you’ve got your finger tips on the keyboard /you’ve got the sphere of your influence and nobody else has got your fingerprints / it’s the string’s pushed / it’s the note that bends / it’s the light that’s bleeding out through your camera lens / you’ve got your voice so sing it out my friend."

In an interview, the lead singer said that this song (and those above lyrics in particular) celebrates "the seemingly insignificant actions that a rising tide of ordinary people…" that shine a light in the darkness. The actions are different for different people. After all, different people have different skills. arkansas gas tax Some sing, some write, some use cameras to tell stories, and some speak. But we all can make a difference in some way, even through seemingly insignificant actions. This one purse isn’t much. But, along with the kit sewn by a seamstress in Zambia, it will help a girl stay in school and perhaps change her life. Don’t discount small actions. Ripples indeed turn to tidal waves.

Christmas crafting is in full swing! My most prized possession when I was a kid was probably my Kirsten doll. I had saved my money for months to buy the doll, which felt like years to my younger self. I was obsessed – her story took place during the mid-1800s (a period of history that I was obsessed with – not so much the politics and whatnot that you learn about in history class but the ways average people lived) and she was Swedish. That last part also meant that Kirsten was also a great bonding point for me and my mormor (grandma), who was born and raised in Sweden. z gastroenterol Even now, every Christmas season I pull out the St. Lucia outfit my mormor bought me in approximately 2004 and dress the doll in the outfit and put her on display as part of our Christmas decor.

At work, I have a co-worker who was equally obsessed with Kirsten, and brought her out and about long after most kids put away their dolls. It’s quite fitting, I suppose, since we now work at a history museum focused on the early 1800s. r gas constant She is in charge of our hearth cooking program and spends many of her days in full 1800s costume and working on the farm. Anyways, we have had several conversations where we nostalgically share our Kirsten memories. Since everyone can use another tote bag, I decided to make a simple Kirsten inspired tote bag for her. The fabric isn’t as exact as I perhaps would have liked, but it is close. And I’m excited to give it to her.