Digital nomad life month forty one – the world on my necklace d cypha electricity


From New Orleans we spent the next couple of days following the coast through Mississippi and Alabama, eating seafood and exploring the beaches, before reaching Florida, where we spent eight nights traveling along the Panhandle and as far south as St Petersburg, before cutting through the middle and making our way up the Atlantic coast into Georgia.

Worst Meal: Although it was my best eating month ever, I still had a couple of gross meals this month. I have never “got” ramen, but when I found a mushroom vegetarian ramen on the menu at the Pearl District Food Court in San Antonio I thought I would give it another chance. Nope, still can’t stand it. I also had devilled crab for the first time on Tybee Island and did not care for the crab meat and cracker mix – just weird.

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil is a book that I have wanted to read for years and I finally made it happen this month, as I was visiting Savannah. power quiz questions This book is similar to Dispatches from Pluto – it is also the observations of a New York writer who lives in Savannah for part of each year, and it features an infamous murder that took place during his time there. A must read if you are visiting Savannah – or even if you are not.

American Horror Story: Cult. I almost didn’t continue watching when I saw there were creepy clowns in this season of American Horror Story, but I am glad that I gave it a chance because everything started making more sense after a couple of episodes. Very disturbing – as per usual with American Horror Story – and so many twists and turns that kept it always interesting. Highlights Impressed by Carlsbad Caverns

I’m going to sound like a big snob here, but I am generally not super excited about visiting caves when I travel, unless there is an adventure element involved – because I doubt that they will be able to impress me as much as the glow-worm caves of New Zealand. electricity and circuits class 6 cbse Told you I was a snob. Well, Carlsbad Caverns humbled me. We only did the 2.5 miles of trails inside the caves but that was enough to be completely blown away by the sheer size of the caves, as well as the intricate and beautiful network of stalactites and stalacmites. I wish we could have signed up to do one of the adventure tours there too but you have to book way in advance – maybe in the future.

It is a beautiful city and so much greener than I ever could have imagined a city in Texas to be, and highlights of our time there included wandering the historic King William District on a self-guided historic home tour, exploring the downtown and the Alamo, enjoying craft beers and a movie at Alamo Draft House, wandering the river walk, checking out the hip Pearl District and spending a morning visiting the four missions that make up the San Antonio Missions National Historic Park.

Austin has been on my wish list for a while. I love liberal, creative cities that have a big focus on good food, inventive craft beer and the outdoors, and Austin fits that mould perfectly. gas and bloating pain We only had three days in the city, but with a fluke of luck they were the same three days that Toby’s brother Flip was in town running an event, so we got to hang out with him and his workmates.

Eating and drinking craft beer were the top priorities and I think we did pretty good with that. We also scootered along the lake and river, had a dip in the river, went hunting for street art, watched the bat flight in the evening, explored a couple of different Austin neighborhoods, and bar hopped in the Rainey Street Historic District and Sixth Street. There is still so much to do in Austin but it was a fantastic taster.

As much as I loved Austin, New Orleans was it for me. Damn, that city is everything. The people, the vibrancy, the FOOD, the beautiful architecture, the history – New Orleans shaped up to be even better than I could have imagined, and my expectations were high. I know that there are bad things about the city – like the high crime rate – but my experiences there were more than I could have hoped for.

We had five nights in the Big Easy and we hit the ground running, managing to squeeze a lot of activities and meals into our time there, as well as having time to chill out in the cute tiny home that we rented through Airbnb. Highlights – other than the food – included a fun night out and a ghost tour for Halloween, exploring the Spanish moss-covered City Park, ogling the architecture of the French Quarter and the Garden District, checking out some cool and creepy cemeteries, daytripping to the River Road Plantations and the Jean Lafitte swamp, and jazz at the Spotted Cat.

Turns out that Halloween in New Orleans is second only to Mardi Gras when it comes to crazy celebrations, and we had such a fun time celebrating October 31st there this year. We started the evening with a delicious seafood dinner at Mr Ed’s Oyster and Fish House, and by the time we got out of there, things were already getting lively on Bourbon Street. After a drink at Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop we grabbed hurricanes from Voodoo Lounge and did a Ghost and Vampire Tour, which was creepy but fun, then headed to Frenchmen Street for the street party. Such a fun night!

As I mentioned in my unusually long best foods breakdown earlier in the post, this month was the best eating month of my life – largely in part to being able to indulge in authentic Cajun food from its source, as well as being by the coast with access to fresh and delicious seafood. u gas station near me It’s going to be hard to replicate this month!! Stay tuned for a best eats in Cajun country post coming soon.

I read somewhere that Cedar Key in northern Florida was worth a visit so we decided to check it out – and we were so glad that we did. Cedar Key is a quiet island with little development and a strong community spirit. grade 9 electricity unit test We stayed in a cosy motel with beachy decor that was rife with cats (jackpot!), watched a spectacularly colorful sunset, had some drinks with the locals in a tiny bar at the back of a gift shop, and had some delicious seafood at one of the handful of restaurants overlooking the water. Oh, and we ate the best clam chowder ever at Tony’s Seafood Restaurant – they are famous for it.

I knew that if I was ever passing anywhere near Crystal River in Florida during the cooler months that I was definitely going to swim with manatees, and although there aren’t a lot there in November, there are still a few so I was determined to do it. I have never managed to swim with dolphins despite multiple attempts and this was perhaps even better – the manatees are so placid and I loved watching them munch on river weed and slowly swim around. One manatee even slowly rose out of the water to the surface right in front of me and it was if it was looking me straight in the eye. Magic.

Weeki Wachee is a delightful little park to spend the day, with a super clear natural spring to swim in, waterslides in the warmer months, a slightly cheesy (OK, very cheesy) wildlife show and a boat trip down the Weeki Wachee river. You might be thinking, that all sounds nice but nothing special, well – the park also has mermaids. Yep, mermaids, and they do a couple of scheduled underwater shows a day that you can watch from the underwater theatre. We watched a show of mermaids of old – the oldest mermaid was 79! – and it was pretty cool, and definitely unique. My favorite part was when a turtle wanted to get in on the act and was following around the mermaids.

Who knew that Florida has it’s own version of Portland or Austin? Well it does – St Petersburg, or St Pete for short. electricity generation definition St Pete is a cool, young, trendy spot with copious breweries, a fun and exciting culinary scene, a gorgeous white sand beach, a cavernous independent bookstore with resident kitties, and some really high quality street art – it is actually now my favorite city for street art in the world. We really enjoyed our two days there and I was even imagining myself living there – and I never thought I would want to live in Florida.

I was pretty happy that my birthday this year would be coinciding with us being in St Augustine, the oldest continuously occupied city in the United States, and a gorgeous one to boot. It was meant to rain most of the one full day we had there but it ended up holding off until early evening so we had a wonderful day exploring historic forts and the St Augustine Lighthouse, checking out the shops in the historic district, and having cocktails and lunch in our own private treehouse at Conch House, overlooking the water.

Savannah is truly a gorgeous city and it has such an interesting and haunted history – the ghost tour we did there was very creepy. My favorite thing to do was to walk around the historic district, admiring the architecture of the grand old homes and the majestic squares. My second favorite thing was eating – the shared meal at Mrs Wilkes Dining Room was definitely one to remember and worth the one hour wait to get in, as was the meal we had on Sunday at the United House of Prayer Church, where the constituents were so welcoming and the food was southern home-cooking at its best.

I was bummed that I didn’t get to swim at Barton Springs in Austin or the beaches along the panhandle because of bad water quality and bacteria. I was also expecting the water at the beaches from Gulf Shores in Alabama down to the furthermost southern point we traveled – St Petersburg – to be a lot more tropical looking, the reality was that the water was dull and slightly murky, probably to do with the red tide and bacteria. gas x extra strength vs ultra strength I didn’t end up getting to do any ocean swimming and that was something I had been looking forward to. Hurricane Devastation in Florida

This wasn’t really a lowlight for me as such, but seeing the Hurricane Michael devastation south of Panama City Beach was just absolutely shocking. Mature trees snapped in half like twigs, piles of rubble where buildings used to be, debris everywhere – I have honestly never seen anything like it and we were just shocked into silence. I felt so sorry for the people who had their houses and businesses destroyed – it will be a long road to recovery for them.

My paid accommodation this month consisted of ten nights in cheap motels, and one night in an Airbnb room. I also spent three nights free-camping in San Antonio and Tallahassee, one night at Toby’s friend’s place in Houston, two nights housesitting in Mount Pleasant, and 14 nights staying in Airbnbs in Austin, New Orleans and Savannah – which we paid for from our honeymoon fund, so I haven’t included these costs. Food and Drink $1067

The route we are hoping to take will include stops in Congaree National Park in South Carolina, Athens in Georgia, Birmingham in Alabama, Memphis in Tennessee, Hot Springs National Park in Arkansas, Oklahoma City in Oklahoma, Amarillo in Texas and Espanola in New Mexico, but this will depend on weather as it will be mid December by this stage.