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This article is a detailed comparison between DigitalOcean and Linode. We have briefly compared the two cloud hosting companies in our DigitalOcean review. In this article, we will directly compare virtualization technologies, VPS features, network facility information, performance benchmarks, backup options, plan costs, billing methods, technical support and pretty much everything between DigitalOcean and Linode. Black Friday is the best time of year to get web hosting and cloud hosting plans. n gas price If you are currently in the market for web hosting or cloud hosting services, you may wish to take a look at these Cyber Monday web hosting deals and Cyber Monday vps deals. These deals will let you save a lot of money.

First of all, let’s have a look at the virtualization technologies: Open source KVM hypervisor adopted by DigitalOcean versus Linode’s Xen solution. Xen has been around a lot longer. However, KVM is backed by RedHat which is a large corporation in the industry. a gas is compressed at a constant pressure of Both KVM and Xen provide similar features and benefits although we prefer the much newer KVM a little more. As you may know, both KVM and Xen hosts are better than OpenVZ ones in terms of resource guarantee and user control at the kernel level. wireless electricity how it works OpenVZ hosts are typically oversold by small low-end box providers. And with KVM or Xen, users can install a custom kernel, encrypt the filesystem, and a lot of other useful things that cannot be done on OpenVZ machines.

When it comes to instant scalability, we have compared the “Fast-Resize” feature of DigitalOcean and Linode “Extras”. It is extremely easy to scale up a VPS with either DigitalOcean or Linode, and you don’t even need a support ticket to accomplish that. All you have to do is shut down your VPS, select a different system configuration and do a power cycle afterwards. However, Linode charges much more for the same size of RAM, and on the other hand DigitalOcean lets its users pay for the system resources by the hour.

Now let’s take a look at the backup options. youtube electricity Other than the automatic backups, DigitalOcean has the snapshot feature built-in. Linode does not have that specific feature in the Linode Manager. It gives you an option to manually clone your disk which is essentially the same as taking a snapshot. However, that’s achieved at the expense of your own server disk space.

DigitalOcean’s CPUs appear to be slightly less powerful than Linode’s as we mentioned in DigitalOcean Review, but DigitalOcean has much faster SSD drives. gas bloating Our performance tests indicated that DigitalOcean’s SSD drives are at least 3 times faster than Linode’s spinning metal hard drives. Even Linode admitted in one of its official blog posts that “there’s no question SSDs are in Linode’s future”.

We think that the most significant difference between DigitalOcean and Linode is the cost. The least expensive plan from DigitalOcean is $5 per month and that is not available from Linode. gas utility bill Plans of lower costs are very attractive to those who have tight budgets or just need an entry-level but reliable VPS cloud platform for their hosting needs. For developers who need a linux server for development or testing but do not require 1GB of VPS memory, Linode’s $10 plan is probably too much for that purpose and DigitalOcean’s cheaper plans are the perfect alternatives. The following are the price plans from both companies.

And for the same monthly payment amount of $20, DigitalOcean offers two times the memory, much faster SSD disks, more included monthly transfer, and cheaper additional transfer than Linode. Per hour billing is only available from DigitalOcean, and it’s welcomed by those who need to occasionally spin up a new server on a new IP address for some temporary tests.

Last but not least, Linode doesn’t accept PayPal as a payment option. DigitalOcean accepts PayPal as well as major credit cards as payment methods. eon replacement gas card Many people still remember that Linode’s system was hacked twice in the past. Those who do not have a credit card or are reluctant to use credit cards online would most likely become DigitalOcean’s customers if they have to choose between DigitalOcean and Linode.