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Obviously, there is a limit to what each person can do. Some people are very stoic and logical, and those people are the sort who can actually work in factory farms undercover, where they film perpetrators of the animal agriculture industry and get busted. I cannot claim I am that capable of detachment.

I am capable of of a certain level of stoicism though. I have to be in order to function within an Environmental Science program, as well as being a political activist in the past. I think I am a good candidate to be a DxE rescuer – I have enough emotion and empathy to want to be an activist, but enough strength to bear the work.

2) Knowing when to let go. We all have to turn off the news, the tv, the Internet, Twitter whatever our "engagement" is. I have struggled with this in my life, being an "information junkie" like a lot of Millenials, and a friend of mine who is a professional psychotherapist told me that even the healthiest people shouldn’t spend more than about 45 minutes to an hour a day worrying about the world news or global politics, on average. We have to learn the balance between being informed and just burning ourselves out.

3) Knowing when to rest. If someone is a serious activist, that person should look for signs of burnout, like irritability, extreme tiredness, lack of empathy, minor physical illness, tenseness and soreness, anxiety and depression. It’s okay to take a break from activism.

5) Not trying to be everything to everyone. Some people try to go to every demonstration and fight every cause, but ultimately one or two areas of conviction are probably best for the average person, to focus on animal rights and the environment (like me) or focus on things like racism and social justice (like many others I am acquainted with).

Obviously some people cannot participate at all. The very sick – mentally or physically – and the burnt out, exhausted, drained etc shouldn’t force themselves to do so. If someone is struggling with basic life needs, like leaving an abusive partner or trying to find a safe place to live, again that’s probably not the time.

Click to expand…LOL that’s not a "bigger question" it’s actually easily answered by a study of abnormal psych and cluster B personality disorders. Narcissists have low empathy, largely due to having constructed a false self to hide the inner self, so also treat others as mere externals to their personal whims and goals.

I throw the word narcissist around a lot because Narcissistic Personality Disorder has reached epic proportions in the United States, affecting up to 10 percent of the population, which is mind boggling considering only 5 percent of the population has bipolar disorder and schizophrenia around 1 or 2 percent.

It’s funny that you obviously didn’t even follow the link or read/watch anything about Direct Action Everywhere. They actually rescue animals it’s not just activism. However activism is what changes the world, and it has been proven over and over again in social justice issues. The success of advertising and its effect on those advertised to also strongly suggests that activism is an effective form of behavior modification in some individuals.

Click to expand…I’m pretty sure narcissism is a social phenomenon that has been fostered by the Western capitalist mindset that "the customer is always right" and "because I’m worth it" and so forth and so on. We live in a culture of people who all believe they’re the aristocracy. I’ve realized in recent years that I probably don’t hate people at all, I hate the bourgeoisie, and most Americans act like the bourgeoisie. Narcissism used to be far more prevalent in males before feminism, and is still more common in males, but women are catching up …not due to any sort of "biological deregulation" but because of socialization. I’m not asserting that biological problems don’t exist due to chemicals in the environment, but narcissism is not one of those things.

Also, that article you posted just seemed like a pretentious monologue written by a Hilary Clinton voter hating on a Bernie Sanders voter and I just couldn’t so yeah. These people don’t seem to grasp that "moderate change" is a luxury we no longer have. Also most of them will be dead before we all fry to a crisp so why do their old asses care . I can think of very little that is more insulting than a 60 year old white man who is obviously middle or upper middle class lecturing about "moderate change" when he clearly has the means, comfort, power in society, and scant number of years left to live where he can entertain such preposterous delusions. Not to hate on the old, there’s always Bernie and Jill, but often times in the Western world it just seems to make people more entitled and removed from reality, rather than wiser. It’s a flaw in the Western hierarchical structure of…everything.