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guys I have had this problem for a while and I think I have a solution to it because I have been able to beat it. with myself I noted the following: 1) my stool was soft and sticky. 2) it would take a number of attempts to try to clean the anus 3-5 times wipes. 3) there would be some blood traces on the toiled paper. 4) It would burn like acid after walking a while and when you go to toilet and try to wipe you will find that the anus is not clean then it would feel better after the wiping. 5) After a while you will develop a lower back pain. 6) regular itchiness in the eye corners.

I only suspected when getting a lower back pain that it might be an STI. I took some STI antibiotics and noticed that it disappeared within 48hrs. it always came back every time I had an unprotected sex with my mistress. For this treatment to work you need to get it with everyone in your sexual cycle else you will always be reinfected. you will notice almost an immediate change in your stool immediately after taking some antibiotics within 24hrs.

I would like to add TOMATOES to the list, some others have noted alcoholic beverages as well but I can’t say the same. Def tomatoes and some diet drinks and oily spicey food Indian/pakistany. A table spoon of baking soda with water at night seemed to help when it’s real bad, seems like it might be linked to high acidic producing foods. Strangely enough Since i started taking prilosec for heartburn my itchy episodes have far decreased i’m not exactly sure why just speaking empirically. Also may seem far fetched for some of you but was very real to me- pay attention to if you start experiencing the sensation of food being stuck in your throat- it turned out the acid in my stomache was burning my esophagus and scar tissue was forming narrowing the passage, I had really bad heart burn as a teen but it went away out of thin air, so I thought nothing of it.. Turns out our bodies protect themselves from acid coming up the esophagus by creating scar tissue, only problem with this as you can gues is acid no longer comes up due to narrowing (so heart burn goes away)but food has trouble getting down. Prilosec or nexium etc. worked wonders for me for this, just recently noticed the added benefit of much less itchy stool. There got to be a link here and i think it’s the acidity.

I have had this problem since I was a teenager – I am now 37 (male) and am fit and eat a healthy diet with no medications and consume no artificial sweeteners and limit my exposure to junk food. I believe the problem is as stated by dcorlett – for me a small amount of poo and fiber particles is stuck just inside beyond where wiping alone will reach. Moving around and gravity and sweat gradually work this stuff out onto the anus where it itches and can soil underwear. My solution is to always use water and swab out my anus as far up as my finger will reach. It usually takes three or four passes with rinsing my hand in running water, then re-swabbing. You will know when you are clean by how it feels and how much discoloration there is in the sink when you hold your finger under the stream of water. Eventually it will come out clean. Then I lightly dab the wet anus with toilet paper without wiping – wiping a wet bottom leaves too much paper residue. If the dabbed paper is very discolored, I repeat the entire process until it is comes clean. Finally I always follow up with a wet wash rag then dry on a towel. Wiping with toilet paper alone just does not work for me and leaves me feeling dirty and requires repeated trips to re-wipe. I felt ashamed the first several time of doing this but it works 100% for me and I have just developed a technique where I can do this without making a mess and just wash my hands really good two times, including under my fingernails with antibacterial soap. It’s amazing bow many little pieces of gritty fiber and tomato seeds etc. are suspended up in there. It’s also so wonderful to always feel totally clean down there and have clean fresh smelling underwear, even after a long walk or drive – something that would always result in soiling and itching before I started using this cleaning procedure. This may not solve everyone’s issue, but this simple procedure has changed my life and just become routine to the point where I just do it and don’t even think about it anymore.