Disappointed after our 3rd visit – review of hotel elba sara, caleta de fuste, spain – tripadvisor grade 6 electricity project

We have just returned from a 2 week holiday at the Elba Sara Hotel in Fuerteventura and I would like to say how disappointed and mislead we were. The food was absolutely appalling especially in the evenings and we actually only ate in the hotel 4-5 times. We always go all-inclusive as we enjoy the selection and variety of foods, but at this hotel, unfortunately, this was not the case. They put the same food out every lunchtime and evening as in it was exactly the same, the only difference was on themed nights you had a table with a few different bits on but that was it. There was not enough staff to deal with the number of guests and they were constantly running out of things, took ages to clear your tables and many just looked like they didn’t want to be there, so we ate out most nights, one to get a decent meal inside us and two to feel like we were actually being treated like people and not sheep. We have worked out that we spent around £1000 on a two week holiday where food was included but had no choice so hence we couldn’t go on some of the trips we wanted to as our budget for these was spent on going out for food. Also during our first 9 days, the hotel hosted 3 weddings and a communion where the entertainment staff for the hotels paying guests were taken away and used for these events, so we had no entertainment around the pool, in fact, they closed one pool off so the children attending these events could use it for games, they closed off the outside area where the pool tables, table tennis, seating area, and also the entertainment room so we could not use these either, the evening entertainment was cancelled aswell due to these events, this is not good enough!!!! As for the entertainment team, I went here due to the description of the activities during the day as I like to do things and be busy, two members of the team were on holiday so they were already short staffed but also other members were having other days holiday as well, the days they were there everything seemed to be an effort, and if the weather wasn’t great it just didn’t even happen. When the head of entertainment returned from his holiday things did start to improve but this should not be the case they should always make sure that paying guests are being entertained on a daily basis. At the evening entertainment bar there was not enough staff to cope, the gas was constantly going on the machine which meant the drinks were awful so when you went back to tell them they didn’t seem to care, we asked for bottled coke instead and this was done begrudgingly and slammed infront of you, I did tell reception about this and they said they would deal with it and let me know but I never heard a thing surprisingly, as for the Piano Bar well, we had entertainment there twice a week!! and that normally stopped as the electric kept blowing, also you had cocktail of the day which was Mojito’s every day for 2 weeks never changed, I asked for 2 of these and was told she was to busy to make them couldn’t I just have a beer or something, I was so shocked I really didn’t know what to say, but even worse a Spanish lady standing next to me asked for the same drink and she made it and also to rub it in took it over to the table for her. As for the maid service well that was just hilarious, she just popped in made the beds, give a quick flit around and go, we were putting things in various places in the bathroom every day and they were still there on the day we left, also the air-con didn’t work which seemed a common thing with everyone we spoke with including reception who again said they would deal with this but again didn’t. I am totally shocked that the hotel let things like this slide when we are paying to stay there and be entertained and made to feel that they are there to do everything they can to make your stay as enjoyable as possible, unfortunately, this is not the case at the Elba Sara. I am just so shocked that this was such a letdown and disappointment.

We have just returned from a last minute trip here, this was our 3rd time and we LOVED IT! Have to say that i think the food was the best it has been in all the times we have stayed here. I emailed a few days before we arrived a requested a room that over looks the pool and on an upper floor, and our request was met. It was so nice to return and see staff that we have seen on the other 2 occasions and to be recognised by them too was a lovely surprise as it has been 2 years since our last visit. Jimmy, Carmen and Lumi in the restaurant, Muncho ( Sorry if i spelt that wrong) and Daska the animation team. They all work so so hard and are very very friendly. My 2 boys loved the animation team and despite the mix of nationalities they all spoke very good English and spent time talking to the children and playing with them. We didn’t see much of the entertainment after the mini disco each night as my 2 boys were shattered after a hard day swimming etc. I have read reviews that people aren’t happy that you have to pay extra for table tennis and mini golf but it is included when you play as part of the daily activities organised by the animation team. Some general info which i hope helps others -This hotel is a family hotel! so there will be children around – The a la carte restaurant , you get 1 visit per week you stay if you have paid for all inclusive. The food is fab and the portion sizes are huge! – The hotel is on the beach but the beach right outside the hotel is a bit stoney, just a few meters down the path is a lovely soft sandy beach – Pool towels are available for a 10e deposit which is fully refunded at the end of your stay providing you return the towels and your receipt – safety deposit box is charged at 4e per day – if you are traveling with babies/toddlers don’t carry out masses of nappies and wet wipes in your luggage there is a huge super market in the shopping centre next door which you can buy everything you need for them ( not sure about the baby milk though) we have used dodot nappies and wet wipes and had no problems at all. also noticed on this trip that they sell swimming nappies in there too. – Also you can buy most brands of shampoo and shower gel in that super market too so save your luggage allowance and buy it when you arrive. – Watch out for the hotel photographers!!!! Now this is the only thing that annoyed me about our stay, they will ask you if they can take pictures of your children for you to buy later that day. they took some pictures of our eldest son in the pool and got him posing by the side of the pool, lying on the edge of the pool which we found funny but then we felt like they were really pressuring us to view the pictures and buy them!, we didn’t view or buy any but every day they would pester us to take pictures. JUST A WARNING AND BY NO MEANS A NEGATIVE ABOUT THE HOTEL. The food in the hotel is good, breakfast, lunch and dinner all very varied and plentiful and the chefs and waiting staff all very friendly. The pool bar is self service for soft drinks, slushies, hot drinks , beer and ice cream, other drinks you have to wait at the bar to be served. we didnt eat in the pool bar this stay a but food looked nice and hotel have taken note of peoples reviews and have put covers on the food. All in all this hotel ticks so many boxes for us as a family. location, distance from the airport and facilities. We have really enjoyed our stay and without a doubt we will be booking to return. Join the hotel fedelity scheme there are some member benefits we had a bottle of sparkling wine in our room when we arrived which was nice.