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She was hovering around reception when we were leaving-almost like she was expecting… My husband I booked our treatments from the UK we were very happy with the email correspondence gas cap light. The receptionist was lovely made us feel welcome. The decor is definitely more rustic traditional rather than luxury. We chose the couples package of body scrub massage. We appreciated the scrub our skin felt baby soft afterwards. The massage followed was in a large room with my husband. My lady masseur left the room gaz 67 dakar came back a few minutes later. As I relaxed face down, I noticed she spent over five minutes gas vs electric water heater cost per year massaging my foot with one hand…almost like she was texting on her phone with the other!!! Obviously I couldn’t see so I gave her the benefit of the doubt. However it was painfully obvious what she was doing (ie texting) when she repeated the same 5 minute massage for my left foot!!! I thought-never mind I’ll just enjoy the rest of the massage..but it was short o gastronomo buffet lived. She then massaged my (female) chest and it was done so carelessly that she massaged my chest so hard I yelped in pain. There was no apology u gas station near me she carried on like nothing happened. She is a female should not have to be told about delicate areas on a female body-I have never been massaged like that any where in the world. She was hovering around reception when we were leaving-almost like she was expecting me to complain but I didn’t as I didn’t want to cause a scene I just wanted to leave. The damage was done complaining about it would not have changed her electricity storage association actions. We would not return… More Show less

Planning for our trip to Marrakech, my husband and I definitely wanted a hammam experience. I emailed around to a few spas and basically 600-700 dirhams is the standard rate for a hammam + massage; so as Heritage Spa was highly rated and the only basic electricity quizlet other spa that was higher rated was noticeably more expensive, we decided on this one at 650 dirhams per person. Antonina from Heritage Spa was always quick to reply my emails and queries electricity merit badge worksheet so I went ahead and booked a time with her. (For example another spa asked us to confirm our booking with an online payment beforehand so I felt it was easier just to go with Heritage Spa just with the regular email booking) When we arrived at the spa, we realised it’s basically located within the spa area in Marrakech, so it can be tempting to check out the prices at other places. Nevertheless gas 78, we checked in for our appointment and were treated to welcome drinks and we were asked to choose which oils and scrub we wanted for our session electricity questions grade 9. Antonina walked us through about what to expect and the reasons behind the process; for example how hot it can get in the hammam, and that the oils need to soak in our skin before we get scrubbed, etc. Next we changed la gas prices now into robes, and then into the hammam ‘sauna’ to let the oils soak in, before a lady came in and scrubbed us down. We also had a clay body mask, and then rinsed off and the lady even shampooed our hair k electric jobs test for us. Then we relaxed with some water and snacks, and then were ushered to the massage rooms for the 1 hour massage, just what we needed after a week of travelling and sightseeing and after a good scrub down! Everyone at the spa was really nice electricity kwh to unit converter and welcoming and obliging, and the treatments were all very thorough. The changing room has lockers for your items, and a hairdryer, etc. Before we left Antonina even gave us some spa soaps 66 gas station as a souvenir. When looking up spas in Marrakech, offers were pretty competitive; for example some spas were slightly cheaper for a treatment of the same duration. But after leaving Heritage Spa I felt like I understand the reason why this one is so highly rated and we really were not disappointed at all. Lovely experience!