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I want to thank everyone for their help with the BB/SB questions I had. My gift card running went fairly well this week with only a few mishaps. I did 9x 50$ transactions at two different BB. I was only going to try and do 3 transactions at each store but I thought I would go in strong and cut back if needed. I made the hour trip, right? (by go in strong I mean be as sweet and innocent as possible and politely ask ). First store I went to I asked the checkout girl if I could do a few transactions and let her know I was more than willing to step aside for other customers (it was a ghost town in there though). She had no problems with it so we did 3 back to back and then my Chase Pay got frozen due to suspected fraud. Took a few minutes on the phone to get it sorted out but then I went back in and did another 3. From there I went to another BB 10 minutes away and did 3 more (this store was busier and had a posted limit saying max of 3 same GC per person). I messed up a little here because instead of scanning my phone with her gun for the Chase Pay the girl had me tap it to the swiper machine. Even though it was showing my CF it charged all 3 transactions to my CSR so I missed out on 600 UR’s (I sent a SM to Chase–no go on getting points added). Despite all of my transactions happening in an hour (on the 8th) it took has taken until today(11th) for them to all credit. I was really worried because of the 0$ sku on the receipt and the lack of anything pending in my SB account for the first few days.

My Safeway MC–> Fred Meyer Disney card will be completed today. I didn’t realize Safeway doesn’t give fuel points on the fixed value VGC’s so that was a bummer but other than that those deals were fairly straight forward. So, I spent $746.80 on $750 gift cards initially which earned me 3,634 UR’s ($54), 1200 Fuel points ($30), and 5400 SB’s ($55) working out to about 17% off.

I just wanted to share with everyone what I scored this morning! DH and I have been banking with the same credit union for years we have several accounts with them including a visa credit card and two debit card accounts…anyways, the other day I was looking at the forum and saw a really old post about someone who used their credit card rewards and scored Disney gift cards. I knew my credit union had a rewards program but I never signed up on it and figured one would have a million points and that would get me a pen set or something..you know! Well inspired by this board I went in and registered and found out I had 62,480. Points…Then much to my surprise I found out I could redeem said points for Disney gift cards! GREAT, EXCEPT THAT ..it takes 5 days by ups to receive the GC and we are going to Disney this wednesday! So I called the 800# and asked if I could get next day air, but no they didnt have that but she sugested that I take to cash back offer and they could deposit the cash equivalent of my rewards in my account within 3 days! I ended up getting $625.00. YAY..big score…So moral of this story, check your bank or credit union for rewards programs!