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High on the wind-ravaged steppes of Druud, a gifted young stormcrafter called Disruptor was the first to unlock the secrets of the summer squalls. Constantly under assault from both seasonal storms and encroachment from civilized kingdoms to the South, the upland Oglodi have for centuries struggled to subsist atop the endless tablelands. They are the fractured remnant of a once-great civilization—a fallen tribe, their stormcraft strange and inscrutable, cobbled together from scraps of lost knowledge which even they no longer fully understand. For those on the high plain, weather has become a kind of religion, worshiped as both the giver and taker of life. But the electrical storms that bring life-sustaining rains arrive at a cost, and many are the charred and smoking corpses left in their wake.

Although small for his kind, Disruptor is fearless, and driven by an insatiable curiosity. As a youth, while still unblooded and without a stryder, he explored the ruins of the ancestral cities—searching through collapsed and long-moldering libraries, rummaging through rusting manufactories. He took what he needed and returned to his tribe. Adapting a coil of ancient design, he harnessed the power of electrical differential and now calls down the thunder whenever he wishes. Part magic, part craftsmanship, his coils hold in their glowing plates the power of life and death—a power wielded with precision against the landed castes to the South, and any interlopers who cross into ancient Oglodi lands.

• Clarity will allow Disruptor to maintain his mana pool in the laning stage. His mediocre base intelligence and static mana costs mean that casting spells in the early game will cost a disproportionately large amount of mana, so keeping it topped up in the early game can allow you to set up kills for your team more easily.

• Boots of Speed is important to get early on for Disruptor. Not only does it allow him to escape pursuing enemies more easily, the extra movement speed allows him to close in to cast Glimpse more reliably, as at early levels it has a low cast range.

• Magic Stick provides burst health and mana, important on any low-HP support who needs to regularly cast spells. A fully-charged Magic Stick allows Disruptor to cast any of his non-ultimate spells one more time even if he is completely out of mana.

• Arcane Boots is a strong boots upgrade for Disruptor, as his mediocre base intelligence and intelligence growth mean that his mana pool is not very strong until very late in the game. Increasing the size of his mana pool and giving him a way to replenish his mana allows him to always have the mana to cast what he needs, while the extra movement speed helps with positioning.

• Force Staff is a good all-around item to pick up on low-farm supports like Disruptor. It is easier to build than Blink Dagger, and can be used to re-position himself, allies or enemies. The extra intelligence also gives Disruptor a bigger mana pool to work with.

• Glimmer Cape has strong utility and increases Disruptor’s flexibility. The active can be used to allow Disruptor to get closer to initiate on enemies, and allows him to provide the same benefit to allied initiators. It can also be used to protect teammates who are caught out of position, giving them tremendous resistance to magic nukes and allowing them to escape more easily if the enemy has no detection.

• Aghanim’s Scepter allows Static Storm to mute enemies, meaning that they cannot cast spells or use items, such as Black King Bar, as long as they are within its area of influence. Used properly, Disruptor can completely turn a fight to his team’s advantage if he can catch the enemy unaware.

• Guardian Greaves, built from Arcane Boots and Mekansm, and provides Disruptor with additional teamfight contribution. The active restores both mana and HP at the same time, and can be used to dispel debuffs off of Disruptor that may be hindering him from contributing to teamfights.

• Urn of Shadows gives Disruptor more flexibility and overall team contribution, as well as augmenting his ganking prowess. The item itself provides the same amount of strength as a Bracer, and a small amount of mana regeneration that helps maintain his mana pool. The active can be used to add more damage to a gank, or to heal teammates.

• Medallion of Courage gives Disruptor more armor and mana regeneration, and the active can be used to reduce the armor of gank targets, making them easier to focus down after pinning them down with Glimpse and Kinetic Field, or can give an ally increased armor in a fight. It can also be targeted on Roshan to make claiming the Aegis of the Immortal easier.

• Blink Dagger is very strong on Disruptor, as his minuscule cast animation allows him to cast his disables before most enemies are able to react. Blink Dagger allows him to close the distance instantly, giving the enemy even less chance to react.

• Eul’s Scepter of Divinity gives Disruptor many strong benefits, offensively and defensively. The item improves his mana pool and gives him strong mana regeneration, while the movement speed increases his mobility, allowing him to position for his spells more easily. The active can be used on himself to dispel debuffs such as silences, or on enemies to immobilize them prior to casting Kinetic Field.

• Rod of Atos improves Disruptor’s survivability and gives him more mana for casting his spells. The active’s long cast range allows him to place a soft disable on enemies from a great distance, which can be followed up with Kinetic Field to further limit their movements. The low cooldown on Cripple and Kinetic Field allows Disruptor to use this combination on a very low turnaround time.

• Pipe of Insight is a strong teamfight item that gives Disruptor survivability against magic nukes, increasing his survivability if enemy casters try to remove him from the field at the start of a fight. The active allows Disruptor to protect his team against magic nukes, giving them another edge in teamfights.

• Shiva’s Guard gives Disruptor many powerful benefits. Besides the bigger mana pool and armor, the aura can hinder enemy physical attacks by reducing their attack speed, and the active can slow enemies’ movement speed, which can make it easier to pen them in with Kinetic Field.

• Scythe of Vyse provides Disruptor with a hard disable, something he otherwise lacks. Besides the overall attribute improvement and significantly buffed casting ability, using Hex on a target will cut their movement speed down to almost the minimum while at the same time silencing and muting them, making it a good leading disable prior to using Kinetic Field and Static Storm.

From upland Druud, the Stormcrafter known as Disruptor rides down on his stryder to meet those who threaten ancient Oglodi lands. On his back, he carries a device that lets him aim Thunder Strikes from the skies. The Stormcrafter teleports enemy heroes to an earlier location, and erects his Kinetic Field to confine them within a circular barrier. Magic dissipates inside Disruptor’s Static Storm, leaving foes caught within no option but to await their own destruction.