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Jose… We take the same 7 day Carnival Cruise on Thanksgiving Week every year (Escaping the family drama). We always dive Cozumel and have been disappointed in the Shore Excursion booked dive trips. Shore Excursion trips ALWAYS take you to Paradise reef for the second dive because it’s closest to the static electricity bill nye full episode ships and they save gas. Paradise reef in the 90’s was great before the cruiseport. now it’s totally destroyed by the traffic and basically dead. This year we did it differently. I emailed ahead to Dive Paradise (based on Tripadvisor) reviews and made arrangements to book a special trip to Columbia Wall and Tunich Point Reefs. Alfredo gasset y ortega filosofia was great by email and answered all our questions. Dive Paradise usually has a 6 person minimum for these trips but they made it work for 4 of us. We also got to show up a little later and weren’t rushed like the shore excursion trips. The shop was electricity 101 youtube well stocked , we needed some rental items, they were available and checked out and in new condition. The boat was a fast 6 pack well stocked with sodas and snacks, Our captain was great and our personal divemaster was Jose Chale’. The guys were fantastic! The boat zipped us past all the other dive operations who were slowly making their way to the closer reefs as we headed further South! The weather was great electricity out in one room! The conditions were perfect! The diving was terrific! Jose was an excellent Divemaster (Our family are all advanced divers). We went through great swimthroughs and to the wall side. The drop types of electricity off to the abyss is just spectacular. Took pictures at the COZUMEL letters laid out in bricks in the sand. At Tunich point we ranged all over from the inside to outside edges of the reef.Crisscrossing it multiple times in a brisk current. 2 huge spotted eagle rays were the highlight, turtles and large snappers. Jose let us dive our computers depths and time only requesting that we allow a safe margin of air to complete our ascents and safety stops. (Unlike the defined shorter times we got previously on the Carnival’s shore excursions) Overall it was a 9 out of 10 Experience and we will repeat with them next year! Thanks DP Team! More Show less wikipedia electricity consumption

Dear Jeffrey, We are truly sorry to hear you are disappointed. This is certainly not what we want to hear, nor is it typical for the company these days! Dive Paradise still goes to great lengths to provide the best diving experiences on the island, so we take your comments very seriously. As our CEO Michael Penwarden mentioned gas after eating yogurt to you, the entire company is committed to ensuring that Dive Paradise retains Apple’s best and most beloved employees, repairs and updates her boats and locations, supports environmental causes, and of course provides safe and awesome diving every day. The team has been striving to carry on Apple’s legacy while we work to thoughtfully modernize electricity billy elliot backing track. In the end, what’s driving all of us is love for Apple and the company she built. Ironically we missed you during a flurry of three days when there were specialists on the island helping with significant and inspiring upgrades, and we were also announcing our new General Manager to the entire staff. It was a big week for the company and we were not as present on email in Cozumel as usual at the time, so again, our sincere apologies that your email did not receive a prompt reply. Please know gas and water llc that you can always reach us by phone during our normal business hours for any questions or booking needs. We have a large staff standing by at all our locations and eager to help! Toll-free gas vs electric stove top from USA: (855) 798-5300 or on-island direct: (987) 872-1007. We’re happy to share that our newly hired General Manager has a long history in running dive operations on the island, and actually also served as an Instructor for Dive Paradise along with Apple back in the 80’s, under Tom Hartdegen’s management. We will be making a formal announcement via a press release this week, so this is the perfect time to be sending feedback for the new company leadership. We invite you and all our customers to help preserve Apple’s legacy by sending electricity clipart constructive feedback that we can consider as we carry forward: customerexperience@diveparadise.com. Thank you! All the best, The Dive Paradise Team